Ahh, The PAC 12, It Could Always Be Worse

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Jul 25, 2018
Boulder, CO

"But there are a lot of conference expenses that perhaps could have been cut first, from the conference/network HQ in downtown San Francisco (one of the most expensive places in the world, and one where there’s little to no justification for the Pac-12 to be, especially considering that the other Power Five conferences are headquartered in much more reasonable locales) and from the remarkable spending on commissioner Larry Scott (who makes $5.8 million annually, much more than peers who run more successful conferences, and also gets to bill the conference for things like $7,500-a-night hotel suites). And it’s rather remarkable that the Pac-12 is still spending on extravagances like Scott and his demands, but cutting back on things that are actually valuable to their remaining viewers and fans."
Sep 9, 2013
i truly believe the arizona schools are the big 12's for the asking when the rights expire, but i dont think either is a "take."

eyeballs and fans are in the east, and if the big 12 expands, it will be east after the BIG and SEC both poach 2 ACC teams each to get to 16 so they can do their NFL 4 team pods.
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