2022 Survival Pool Week 4

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LS1 Z28

Territorial Marshal
Oct 30, 2007
There were several close calls in week 3, but no big upsets. Every contestant that made a pick advanced to week 4.

It was disappointing to see OSU drop a spot in each poll after a dominating performance against an inferior opponent. Hopefully we'll start getting some respect in a couple weeks if we can find a way to win in Waco.

Links to previous weeks can be found below:
Link to rules & week 1
Link to week 2
Link to week 3

Post your week 4 picks in this thread. Good luck!
Aug 26, 2004
Week 1: Akron over St. Francis.
Week 2: Michigan St. over Akron.
Week 3: Michigan over UConn.
Week 4: NC State over UConn.