2022-23 Cowgirls Softball Roster

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Jan 1, 2022
Last night watched our Carrie Eberle pitch for her Athletes Unlimited team, and she looked good as a pro. Kinda fun watching her pitch to Busby, who was on the other team. Now watching Maxwell and team USA vs Japan. Tough start for Max, but she's settled in now it seems. Her shakey start may have been due to her having a sooner catch for her, or just wearing a red uni. I dunno. Lol
Nov 8, 2004
New York Mets leads the majors by forcing just over 19 pitches in their 1st inning AB’s! Winning baseball/softball starts with approach on offense that drives pitching counts up. Knowing the strike zone, skill to hit the other way with 2 strikes is a must for National Champions. Is this part of the next step? I’m keen!


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Oct 16, 2010
Norman, OK
Instead of dwelling on the heartbreaking season ending loss…I decided to look at next season Cowgirls Softball roster would look like. I also looked up approximately how many years of eligibility each player has left. When it comes to redshirting in softball…I don’t know if they can play within “X” amount of games to keep their redshirt or you participate, you lose it.

First, I want to thank the following for their dedication to OSU. And wish them the best in the next chapter of their lives:

Chelsea Alexander
Miranda Elish
Michaela Richbourg
Morgan Day
Sydney Pennington
Hayley Busby
Jules Callaham

On our current roster that coming back that if none of them to pursue to go somewhere else:

Kelly Maxwell…2 yrs left
Tatom Clopton 3
Kathryn Ogg 4
Bailie Runner 4

Brianna Evans 3
Kiley Naomi 1
Karli Petty 2
Morgyn Wynne 1

Taylor Tuck 1
Julia Cottrill 2
Audrey Schneidmiller 4
Averie Sims(she listed as a Jr not sure how many she has left)

Chyenne Factor 1
Avery Hobson 2
Katelyn Carwile 2
Scotland David 3
Hailey Kastl 3 or 4
Tatum Sparks 3 or 4

Here is the incoming signees:

P Kyra Aycock
OF Angelina Craig
INF Katie Lott
INF Lexi McDonald
INF Haidyn Sokoloski
UTL Claire Timm
INF Tallen Edwards(reclassified to come to OSU next yr)

Here are articles about the next year Fresh. Some of them I cannot find a free access to read.







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Might need to update this.