2021 MLB draft

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Feb 24, 2020
I would guess Ehrhard and Ure are gone based on their ranking and where they went. I’m going to hold out hope for Riggio until I see otherwise.
I love your optimism…..Brewers will make a run. Will be enough is the question? One thing they have in favor is they did draft seniors that will come at discount price so they’ll have some money to spend


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Feb 12, 2005
South Central (Oklahoma)
So last year 5 rounds, this year 17ish?
What about all the 5th yr Seniors? Do they sign UDFA deals now?
20 rounds this year. Any undrafted draft eligible player can sign for up to $20,000. With the MiLB contraction there are fewer spots available. We saw a bump in talent for this draft because of only 5 rounds last year. But that negatively impacted player bonuses for some. A third year draft eligible player taken in the eighth round in a fictional 2020 draft would get a significantly higher bonus than that same player (now a 4th year) taken in the same spot in 2021. I've seen drafted 5th year seniors sign for around $5,000 (way under slot). I would suspect that some undrafted players with a year of eligibility left will sign as free agents this year, instead of waiting until next year for a draft that may have 40 rounds or may have 20. At least they might find some negotiating power if multiple teams want to sign them.