Recruiting 2018 Football Recruiting Class in Action Week 3

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The Car'a'carn
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Apr 5, 2012
This is the week 3 edition of our 2018 Football Recruiting Class in Action series, in which we find out how the future cowboys are doing in the final season of their high school careers.

Spencer Sanders:

Denton Ryan took on Wylie East this week. Ryan defeated Wylie East 48-22.

Stats: Passing: 14-18 completions, 288 yards, 4 TDs Rushing: 4 carries, 33 yards, 1 TD

C.J. Moore:

Tulsa Union was off this week.

Bryce Bray:

Bixby lost to Putnam City 37-35.

Jonathan Shepherd:

Kilgore won Friday's game against Pine Tree High School by a score of 64-28

Stats: 1 Rec 43 1 TD

Gabriel Lemons:

Coppell lost to Allen 35-23.

Stats: 2 Rec 32 Yds 2 TDs

Jahmyl Jeter:

Jeter and Brennan lost to San Antonio Johnson 20-17 and are now 0-3 on the season.

Stats: 22 carries, 125 yards, 5.7 avg, 3 REC 31 yards 1 TD

Jacob Farrell:

Farrell and the Sulphur bulldogs lost to John Marshall 35-18.

Jaelyn Nolan

Brownfield won against Muleshoe High School 42-13 and got their 1st win of the season.

Hunter Anthony:

Tuttle lost to Plainview 36-27.

Hunter Woodard:

Tuscola won on the road against Shelbyville 47-44.

Tyrese Williams:

Cypress Ridge lost against Jersey Village 26-16.

Jake Ross:

NEO lost to Tyler Junior College 34-28.

Blake Barron:

Barron and the Rockwall Yellow Jackets lost to Southlake Carroll 52-38.

Tyler Lacy:

Sachse had another great defensive performance as the beat Mesquite 61-0, as the Mustangs got their 2nd shutout of the season and have only given up 6 points so far this season.

Stats: 4 tackles

JayVeon Cardwell:

The Steele Knights took on San Antonio O’Conner this week. The Knights lost 42-30.

Kolby Peel:

A&M Consolidated beat Austin High School 66-0.

Jason Taylor:

Carl Albert beat Ardmore 28-12.

Jarrick Bernard:

Evangel Christian Academy was off this week.
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