#17 COWBOYS SWEEP THE #16 SOONERS. Pokes are on a FIVE Win Winning Streak. State is 10-6, 17-6, Overall. @ #3 Baylor THURSDAY. Sweep #4. #NewEra

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Feb 18, 2009
They are very close indeed, but if I am splitting hairs, The overall depth, I just think OU has an edge in overall talent. cunningham is clearly the best player on both teams, but after that, I think OU has at least 2, maybe 3 players better than Osu's next best guys. OU has beaten highly ranked teams without their best player in the game. Osu has lost most of their games where cunningham wasnt shooting well. not always, sometimes they win when he's having a bad game obviously. I'd normally give OU the edge defensively because Kruger can do that but this hasnt been their best defensive team.

tonight can go either way, no surprise to me regardless of what happens. If both teams are in the tourney they'll be tough outs. One thing i like to look at- is if both teams swapped their best players. which team would be better? IMO, this goes to OU.
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Oct 4, 2006
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15 assists and 14 turnovers, made a huge difference
Absolutely!!! Also, 74% from the free throw line. You keep playing with Stats at that level, you win alot of ballgames. Much better assist stats in Bedlam round 2. Everyone contributed for the win.
After a 2 for 7 stretch there in the middle of the first half, finished 20-27. Other than that stretch, 18-20.

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Oct 29, 2016
I love this team. Feels pretty sweet to beat ou twice in 3 days. Boynton with the broom at midcourt after the game was fantastic.
And OSU is the second or third youngest team, though I'm not too sure about that. Alhough Cade is paramount to the success of this season, the freshman and sophomores displayed higher than normal talent. Boynton is building a very talented team.. and if that 5-star commits, it's gonna be another exciting season (we'll still be good if he doesn't choose OSU)

I hope Boynton remains the HC for another 5 or more years... I really want to see just how much success he has here, especially considering that he's an ace recruiter.
Sep 22, 2011
Wooooo! Big win, weathered the early storm, broke through at the end of the first started beating them down in the second half, just the threes keeping them in it, gave the ball to cade at the end and said go win it. A great showcase of how we can win big games without cade scoring ng 40
Dec 17, 2011
Lunardi is now saying we are a 4 seed while he has us as an 8 seed online before Saturday. Jumped 4 spots for 2 wins over OU? Did he just wake up and realize we should have been a 6 before the weekend?

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The guy is an idiot


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Jul 9, 2016
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Oct 4, 2006
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This is a good tool to figure out seeding for the Big 12.
Looks almost inevitable for Bedlam 3.0
If OU loses to Texas and Texas beats ISU and TCU, then we would play Texas as the 5 seed. That’s the most realistic scenario without Bedlam.

Honestly, I’d take Bedlam again. We match up better with them than Texas or KU. I actually think we matchup pretty well with Baylor too. They don’t really have a big man we can’t handle.

OUs bigs are more like guards. Sims and Jones from Texas we had trouble with. We are 5-4 (and one of those wins was KSU part 2 and one was Texas Southern) when getting out rebounded this year. So, whenever we out rebound our opponent, we are 12-2.

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Sep 23, 2010
Kalib Boone's play is really pivotal right now. He does well against the thinner bigs in league play. MAM does some positive things as well but he really gets exploited on his ball screen defense. MAM essentially forces us to play zone. Williams is always an X factor for us and he played well. Cade made plays when it counted. AA was good, but he had that stretch where he went braindead and really costs us. I'm hoping that's gone by next year when we need him to be a primary player for us. Team has such a better flow on offense this year. Will be interesting with Ice back in the mix. Does that close down driving lanes for Cade and post spacing for Kalib? Ice is clearly one of our better players so we have to figure it out when he returns. Baylor and West Virginia have kind of separated themselves from the rest of the league. Hopefully we can get 1 of 2.

It's very interesting with the rankings. It's like nationally they have decided the Big 10 is better than the Big 12. I'm not sure about that. Teams in the Big 10 with 6 and 7 losses are top 10 teams. Teams in the Big 12 with similar records are ranked 10-20. Guess we will find out tournament time. I don't think Michigan goes through our league with only 1 loss but I could be wrong.