0u's Rambo entering the transfer portal

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Rob B.

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Aug 13, 2007
Rockin' the GL.
And to further you're dipshidiocy you said
Make a conference title game and that’ll put you four steps from a natty appearance.
then you said
1. Make conference championship
2. Win conference championship
3. Make playoff
4. Make national title game

It’s okay, pumpkin. Math is hard.

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Just dumb. Go smoke some more crack or something.


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Nov 16, 2013
You have to get into the conference championship before any of the rest can be achieved. That’s a step in and of itself.

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In the playoff scenario has your team been in the finals? If no, by your own metric, they are only three steps, not four steps, ahead.

Midnight Toker

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May 28, 2010

Not sure why but he would be a great replacement for Tylan after we cleansed the gooner out of him
He's a good player but I dont think he would be a great #1 wr for a contender. Just too much talent at the position for him to make a big mark to make the nfl look at him harder. Probably a good opportunity to get that chance on another non contending team though.
Sermon is supposed to be a good kid, but it is funny he had to transfer to make the finals. However, thats two steps past the pokes.
Ironically having him against kstate and isu very likely means they win 1 of them and that puts OU in the playoffs again.