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  1. OP 9000

    Cowgirl Soccer vs. Oklahoma (10.14.16)

    You can watch live here: NOTE: Due to stadium construction, we only have 1 camera, and are pushing video over IP back to the studio over a wireless connection. Quality may vary.
  2. OP 9000

    Cowgirl Golf - Championship

    Currently underway:
  3. OP 9000

    Softball - Big 12 Player of the Year

    We'll just ignore that she's sharing this title. Future is looking bright for Cowgirl Softball. Lynch and Montgomery also took home honors...
  4. OP 9000

    Softball makes regional

    Cowgirls made the cut: Not only that, but got about the best draw you could hope for in the regional against the No. 16 national seed. Will...