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  1. Rob B.

    Kyler "Shortpants" Murray

    So you guys can quit mudding up the Baker thread.
  2. Rob B.

    Anybody got a 2020 dove report?

    Haven't seen any congregations of them yet in the NE.
  3. Rob B.

    Upland Season

    Opened the Kansas pheasant/quail season last weekend near Liberal. Lots of both and we saw a lot more birds on the Oklahoma side in the panhandle. Looking forward to Dec. 1st. Bud Light is a very important tool when harvesting upland birds. :)
  4. Rob B.

    I don't know why this needed to be a new thread, but Bundage

    r.e. Bundage AMES, Iowa — On his Oklahoma State website bio, Calvin Bundage...
  5. Rob B.

    Looks like someone may have gone to the Joe Mixon school of how to treat women.

    Defend away goontards.
  6. Rob B.

    Adrian Peterson SMH

    How galactically stupid can one man be? Defend away goontards.
  7. Rob B.

    Anyone ever heard of a Blob quail?

    Bobwhite/blue hybrid. 1st one I've ever seen in 40 years of upland hunting.