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    USC and UCLA to the BIG10 in 2024

    USC, UCLA looking to leave Pac-12 for Big Ten in 2024, though deal not yet finalized -
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    Men's Basketball Jaxson Robinson Transfer Portal

    Wouldn't mind seeing this guy come to OSU.
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    Avery Anderson Declares for Draft

    He isn’t hiring an agent.
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    Cade Cunningham 1st Team AP All-American

    I had to double check the claim, and it is true. First ever 1st team AP All-American for OSU.
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    Men's Basketball Enoch Boakye 2022 maybe reclassify as 2021

    Michigan State decommit. 6-10 big man and Canadian. Seems to be our theme. Could reclassify as a 2021. Virtual meeting with OSU!!! There are several teams involved, but if we get him, this would be big.
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    National Signing Day Tecmo Bowl

    Went to the OSU website, they had a cool Tecmo Bowl theme. Select a player and you would go to a Tecmo loading screen where the player was selected (also listed Leslie O'Neal, Barry Sanders, and Thurman Thomas), then they would start with the player in game mode showing his postion, then...
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    Marquette wins @ #9Creighton - OSU win looking better

    Marquette was without 2 players and 1 was a starter. That #OSUMBB road victory is looking better and better.
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    Tyron Johnson - WR LA Chargers

    Has a 53 yard TD reception so far. Was just moved up to the team today.
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    Brent Guy - Former OSU Player and Coach

    ESPN Article about him living in secret about his bipolar disorder. Good read.
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    Football 2020 QB Ethan Bullock JUCO signed
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    OSU Football Portal

    Do good High School players start having to go the JUCO/FCS/Div II route because Div I teams start holding back 5-7 (of the 25) scholarship spots for portal players? If I was OSU, I would. A Portal player has a better chance of finishing his career at his 2nd school, than a High School player.
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    Nick Starkel - Arkansas to San Jose State

    2019 San Jose State 31 - @Arkansas 24 Starkel 28/50 356 yards 3 TDs 5 Ints If you can't beat them, join them? Maybe San Jose State liked the way Starkel connected with their DB's?
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    Starkel to Arkansas?

    I haven’t heard the interview, but evidently Starkel claims OSU reached out to him. He is supposed to be headed to Arkansas. Glad it didn’t happen.