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  1. Runs Deep

    Big 12 to meet to consider 6 new teams(PAC)

    The schools that compete for titles need teams they can beat up on. I do not see the BIG or SEC kicking out schools from their conference. They need those wins every year. Having a conference of only blue bloods, someone has to lose. They may have money but they will begin to lose their brand...
  2. Runs Deep

    Fall Camp Thread

    The OL will once again be key. I believe Sanders will show improvement. I believe last year the running game helped to open things up for Sanders this year I believe it will be reversed. Sanders running and passing will help open up the running game. Still for this to happen the OL will need to...
  3. Runs Deep

    NFL Draft

    Sterling to the Packers per Twitter and Antwine to the Jags.
  4. Runs Deep

    #7 OSU vs # 1 Vandy weekend series

  5. Runs Deep

    New NCAA constitution

    They do this in time so that Kansas will not need to be punished for their basketball violations.
  6. Runs Deep

    Official Game Thread: Baylor vs. Oklahoma State [Big XII Championship Game]

    I would argue the grounding call was a lateral and there was a blatant pass interference call the was missed on Presley. Even with that Baylor was the better team today.
  7. Runs Deep

    Official Game Thread: Baylor vs. Oklahoma State [Big XII Championship Game]

    What happened on the running play two plays later. I never saw a pylon cam replay?
  8. Runs Deep

    Official Game Thread: Baylor vs. Oklahoma State [Big XII Championship Game]

    Does anyone have a sidelines me view video of Jackson on the 2nd down play at the end zone? Was at the game. He looked like he scored but we never saw a sideline replay.
  9. Runs Deep

    Where should the Cowboys be ranked? #9 on CFP

    Simple, I love football and the Cowboys.
  10. Runs Deep

    Where should the Cowboys be ranked? #9 on CFP

    I am not talking about the pundits but the people who make the decision behind the scenes. The more people who watch the games create more profit. If we have large numbers of people watching our games compared to other teams above us then we are more profitable.
  11. Runs Deep

    Where should the Cowboys be ranked? #9 on CFP

    I like that the last two games we play will be in prime spots. This will allow for more eyes to see the brand of football we are playing. This might allow the media to make the case for our Cowboys to move up. The media wants as many eyes on games as possible. If the TV ratings are good for our...
  12. Runs Deep

    NCAA Denies OSU Basketball Appeal

    I thought the NCAA was going to reduce the penalty. Taking 5 years for a conclusion to this has hurt recruiting without imposing a penalty. It will be interesting what they do with Kansas.
  13. Runs Deep

    Men's Basketball 2022 F Quion Williams Committed to OSU

    An article on another site said OSU was recruiting him as a guard.
  14. Runs Deep

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    I see a problem with teams like Texas and OU going to the the SEC or other conferences, not all of them can win. OU has been great in the Big 12 but Texas has been down. OU still manages to lose a game each year that they shouldn't. Will schools like OU and Texas be as successful when they are...
  15. Runs Deep

    Football 2022 General Recruiting thread

    Could the rule change cause university to look for corporations that will sign students?
  16. Runs Deep

    Football 2022 General Recruiting thread

    Reginald Samples is the head coach at Duncanville. His son transferred out of OSU. Did that play a role when Crook tales with coaches?
  17. Runs Deep

    First in person official visit weekend

    Jordan at a watching a camp this weekend that my son attended.
  18. Runs Deep

    Ford Stuen Passes

    Very sad news. Saw posts on Twitter but did not know what happened. Thoughts and prayers with his family.
  19. Runs Deep

    Consolidated Basketball Recruiting 2021

    I like the guys we are getting because of their youth. They will not be a one and done grad transfer. There is time for them to grow and develop in the system. Both have the potential to develop into solid players within our system. I do agree we need more outside shooting. We still have...