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  1. PF5

    the "portal"

    been hearing rumors of players expected to join transfer portal, but none have done so yet...hoping we don't have a big exodus...thought I'd start this for fans to post players who are entering and how much we might miss them...and players we may be getting...
  2. PF5

    Mass Shooting(s)

    Police: Gunman kills 5 at gay club, is subdued by patrons apnews COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — A 22-year-old gunman opened fire inside a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, killing five people and leaving 25 injured before he was subdued by “heroic” patrons and arrested by police who arrived...
  3. PF5

    Not ready to go/not prepared for Bedlam????

    Obviously lost this game in the first quarter... defense was not ready to go: gave up 168 yds and 2 TDs on first two drives (11.2 yds/play)...gave up 299 yards and 28 pts in 1st Q!! (then hold the below avg uo offense to 135 yds and 0 pts the rest of game!!!!) offense was not ready to go...
  4. PF5

    USA...our country/government...good, bad, ugly

    it seems people have been upset with the direction of our country for YEARS...and yet, we just sit back and take it...keep the same people in offices (or at least very similar), keep bitching and complaining, but nothing changes/gets done... Albert Einstein : “Insanity is doing the same thing...
  5. PF5

    Product Reviews/opinions/advice

    thought it would be good to have a thread where you can ask about an item you want to buy, advice on lawn care, how to home repairs, etc. I'll start with EcoPlus...just recently heard of this, wondering if it really helps/works...thanks
  6. PF5

    Drain the Swamp

    not sure who get's credit for the phrase...trump used did Reagan...but it's time to 'drain the swamp' and immediately get rid of every politician in the US...start over...if you are an elected politician, "you're fired"...and you cannot run ever again...politics in America is broke...
  7. PF5

    Oklahoma - red people

    Saw where Tulsa Union recently changed mascot from Redskins to Redhawks...I'm pretty sure the name Oklahoma was suggested by a Choctaw 'Oklahoma' now offensive to Native Americans? what is the main argument that a name like Redskins is derogatory or offensive, but 'red people'...
  8. PF5

    Desean Brown

  9. PF5

    best app for OSU news?!

    What is your favorite app to get news/breaking news on the Pokes?
  10. PF5


    The America I give thanks for (as I depart) BBC please take 5 minutes (10 if you read slowly like I do) to read this opinion article from Jon Sopel (resident of the UK, lived in US the last eight). Interesting and pretty accurate take on life in the US from an outsider.
  11. PF5

    Ahmaud Arbery

    Greg McMichael didn't know if Ahmaud Arbery had a gun, but 'I don't take any chances,' he told police usatoday A white Georgia man didn't know if Ahmaud Arbery was armed or where he was running last year when he grabbed his gun and began chasing the 25-year-old Black man, an officer testified...
  12. PF5

    all things stitt

    Kevin Stitt removes pesky doctors from Healthcare Authority board… the lost ogle Over the weekend, the Oklahoma State Medical Association was up in arms after our esteemed Governor Kevin Stitt removed the only two physicians from the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority’s board of directors – Dr...
  13. PF5

    TX abortion law

    What The Texas Abortion Ban Does — And What It Means For Other States "my body my choice" only applies to covid vaccines and mask mandates...smh
  14. PF5

    Jan. 6 sentencing...

    Florida man Paul Hodgkins receives 8 months in prison, first Jan. 6 defendant sentenced on a felony charge A Florida man became the first felon sentenced Monday for his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, receiving eight months in prison and being ordered to pay $2,000 in...
  15. PF5

    Spencer Sanders

    Spencer Sanders Ranked 65th in PFF’s 2021 QB Power Rankings 7th in big 12
  16. PF5

    4 arrested in Denver - near Coors field

    Four people arrested on illegal weapons possession charges at hotel near Coors Field Four people were arrested on illegal weapons possession charges at a Denver hotel just two blocks from Coors Field as All-Star Game festivities began this weekend. Denver police arrested three men and one...
  17. PF5

    Shettron brothers

    OK, so we have offered both of them...Talyn is committed to uo, but me wonders if there is a chance to land them both now...Tabry has offers from OSU and KState (best offers) they would love to stay and play together...
  18. PF5

    College World Series delayed NCState player positive for covid...
  19. PF5

    Oregon votes out lawmaker mike nearman.

    Oregon lawmaker ousted for allowing rioters into State Capitol Lawmakers in the US state of Oregon have ousted a Republican representative for his role in helping crowds breach the State Capitol in December. Mike Nearman was removed by a vote of 59 to 1. His was the only no vote. It marks the...
  20. PF5

    OK state senator Dahm is Dumb and an embarrassment.

    State senator makes sex joke about VP Harris; party leader calls comment 'misogynistic' “I am disappointed in Nathan Dahm’s comments about the vice president of the United States. His comments were misogynistic, disrespectful, immature, and undermine the good work of the staff and other members...