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  1. oks10

    Child Tax Credit Advance (Opt-Out added) For anyone wanting to opt-out of the advance, they've added an unenrollment tool to the website.
  2. oks10

    Android TV (suggestions?)

    So one of our FireTV remotes is going bad and since the replacement remote practically costs the same as a new Firestick I'm considering moving our living room FireTV into that room and getting a new device for the living room. Currently we have all FireTV devices which is handy since we have...
  3. oks10

    Jersey City Shootout

    Surprised to see Binman not post anything on this one... Kosher grocery store targeted. 3 civilians, 1 officer and both suspects killed. Appears to have been antisemitic (but not the Trump kind so this will probably fade fast...) Suspects...
  4. oks10

    324 new laws take effect Nov 1 (Oklahoma) We all know about the permitless carry but more importantly YOU CAN DRAG YOUR KID THROUGH A LIQUOR STORE NOW!!
  5. oks10

    Streaming TV

    Just curious to see where others are at as far as streaming TV. I know this has come up a couple times in the past but I didn't want to revive any year+ old threads. As for myself, I kept with DirecTV Now through the ATT TV Now switch (with my "grandfathered" launch package). Since launch, I...
  6. oks10

    Round 3... FIGHT

    Just giving us a spot to discuss any of the crazy ideas that get spouted off tonight. I just now found out that the debate is in Houston. Please candidates, PLEASE tell the people of Houston how you plan to completely eliminate fossil fuels which would absolutely destroy their economy. That...
  7. oks10

    Business Insider: How easy it is to buy a gun at Walmart

    ... or not... I tried to buy a gun at Walmart twice, and roadblocks left me empty-handed both times But I was TOLD that anyone could just walk into...
  8. oks10

    VPN Recommendations?

    Any recommendations for VPNs? I'm about to travel on business for a week so I'm looking for something yo use while I'm on public wifi's. Also trying to decide if I should just order a month of service to cover my trip or sign up for an annual package and actually use it at home. We stream all of...
  9. oks10

    "What if Trump won’t accept 2020 defeat?"

    I know history repeats itself, but damn. They didn't waste any time on this one... lol Hey Politico, your Hilary is showing...
  10. oks10

    2020 Democratic Primary Debate

    2016 RNC Primary: Take a look at this clustersmurf 2020 DNC Primary: Hold my beer
  11. oks10

    How quickly they forget... Biden leads Trump by 'landslide proportions' in new national poll
  12. oks10

    California to become the first state to extend health benefits to some who live in US illegally

    They could certainly try a little harder to not make it blatantly obviously they're not trying to do anything to curb illegal immigration... @CaliforniaCowboy , you must either have a REALLY good job or REALLY like surfing to be lasting there. I honestly don't know how you do it without going...
  13. oks10

    Colorado School Shooting

    I didn't know a better place to put this. I'm not normally one for giving shooters attention but some info has been released about the juvenile suspect... It'll be interesting to see where this one goes...
  14. oks10

    The "Keep It Out of The Pictures Thread" thread: Tax edition

    Here you go you guys. Argue about fair/consumption taxes to your heart's content so we can keep the picture thread with... you Aaaaaaand GO!
  15. oks10

    Not automatically redirected to https://

    The past couple weeks I've noticed that if I go to the site by just entering it doesn't automatically go to the secure url. I have to actually type out the https:// to get it. Is this something on my browsers side or on OP's side?
  16. oks10

    New Jersey Senate passes bill to keep Trump off 2020 ballot My question, is this even legal? How in the world can anyone think that this is a good precedent to set? If...