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    Jaylen Warren; RAM Matt Leinart's Power Player. How it bother you.being underdog to ISU? Disrespect? "......We love it..."
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    Instant Analysis after the Longhorns game.
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    Weighing All Senses....We are ranked #3 !
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    Cancer Fighting QB Recruit. BW: Not Brandon Weeden, but Braden Waterman

    Good read on a potential QB recruit. Dual sports athlete. BB player as well. Learned that he came to oSu trial camp? 3 star and lowly recruited. Maybe due to the cancer, but sounds like a winner.
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    Kasey Dunn

    From the body language, Kasey Dunn looking very comfortable after the win. He also look like the Sigma Male type. No way he'd 100% will listen, follow and allow Gundy to dictate him.
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    Nathan Wiggins Guthrie. DT / OL

    Any confirmation on him committing for Preferred Walk-On?