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  1. ArlingtonPoke

    Offensive line recruiting and talent

    I'm starting to wonder if maybe Gundy is doing a terrible job recruiting the Oline. He seems to constantly talk about "We cant run the football" and "We have injuries and are playing musical chairs on the Oline" Maybe he just does a poor job of recruiting talent at that position. In the last...
  2. ArlingtonPoke

    Derick Mason

    I cant believe that OSU is paying one million a season for the shit show dumpster fire defense that this guy is putting on the field. Players cant tackle, they are out of position, and DB dont turn and look for the ball. Yea, he gives great motivational speeches but this guy needs to either take...
  3. ArlingtonPoke

    Talyn Shettron

    Is he redshirting or just injured. He was highly recruited. There is a lot of good depth at WR but thought he would contribute more.
  4. ArlingtonPoke

    Brennan Presley

    This guy was big time yesterday. He made big catch after big catch. All I can say is "TU and OU eat your heart out" Neither one offered this kid.
  5. ArlingtonPoke

    Summer strength Program

    Does anyone know how the summer conditioning program has gone for football? Who has gotten stronger at squat and bench press? Power clean?
  6. ArlingtonPoke


    can eat a bag of sh#t! Kansas is playing in the championship game tonight! They were excused of five Level One infractions! Yet not a damn thing is going to happen to them. I hate the NCAA with a passion!
  7. ArlingtonPoke

    Early enrollees

    Has anyone heard which members of football recruiting class have enrolled early? Just curious.
  8. ArlingtonPoke


    Am I the only one who is sick of this guy? Notre Dame homer!
  9. ArlingtonPoke

    Back from the game Saturday

    Yesterday, I went to a game in Stillwater for the first time in 12 years. It was great to be back at my alma mater! Here are some observations: 1. Stillwater has really grown, especially out on Highway 51 area, west of town 2. Was in awe of the athletic facilities!: Sherman Smith Center...
  10. ArlingtonPoke

    Dallas-Ft. Worth watch party

    Can anyone tell me where to go for an OSU watch party this next weekend in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area
  11. ArlingtonPoke

    Pre-season practice

    Does anybody know what day this coming week Fall practice starts for football? Have not been able to find it on any website.
  12. ArlingtonPoke

    Dallas-Ft. Worth watch party

    I live in DFW. Can anyone tell me where the OSU alumni go to watch the Basketball game this Friday
  13. ArlingtonPoke

    Thank you ESPN for the Eddie Documentary

    Just watched the Documentary on Eddie Sutton. Very well done. Experienced a range of emotions. Makes his passing all the more sad.
  14. ArlingtonPoke

    OSU Men's Basketball banned from postseason for 2020-21

    You know something, you if the courts of this country handed out punishments for murderers the way the NCAA arbitrarily punishes each school, some murderers would go free, some would get life, some would get probation, some would get five years. I really despise them.
  15. ArlingtonPoke

    OSU Basketball

    After watching the game tonight, I think I may have overestimated Boynton. This team may very well finish in last place! They have no rythmn on offense. They just stand around and then try to throw up a three! Anei is always in foul trouble! So they do not have an inside presence! Bad defense...
  16. ArlingtonPoke


    I was thinking more along the lines of those that redshirted during the 2019 season.
  17. ArlingtonPoke


  18. ArlingtonPoke


    Can anyone tell me which redshirts stood out during this 2019 season? Could be from Begining of season all the way to the Texas Bowl.
  19. ArlingtonPoke

    Tyron Johnson

    This is a fella who probably regrets leaving after last year. He is supremely talented but was not drafted and has been cut by three NFL teams. Would have helped him and OSU if he had come back this year. Would have helped his draft stock.
  20. ArlingtonPoke

    Coaching Staff

    The offensive coordinator is losing this game for the Pokes. He has been awful! Gleason has called a moronic game