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    Have Dickey and Dunn been fired yet?

    I wonder if there is a chance the players recognize the problems with coaching staff? Does the Cowboy Culture demand, as a player, you give your heart to Loser Coaches? When is the last time Dickey recruited/coached up a good OLine?
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    Official Game Thread: Arkansas Pine Bluff vs. Oklahoma State

    Then why don't we just play Stillwater High or Bixby; maybe OKC Classen? It's a joke.
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    Official Game Thread: Arkansas Pine Bluff vs. Oklahoma State

    I agree. I live in Arkansas. I know some of thse kids who play at UAPB. Gundy should be ashamed to schedule a team like this. There are high school teams in Arkansas tougher than UAPB. Who can't get bowl eligible playing the first three games we schedule? Truth will come way too soon when...
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    Jan. 6 sentencing...

    Does this mean that Trump voters should have been informed the election was about to be stolen in advance of November 4 and therefore the theft would have been more acceptable to them. What an idiot.
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    Russia invades Ukraine

    I guess you forgot they kicked our asses out of Korea 70 years ago.
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    New National Political Party Formed - The Forward Party

    Though I could be wrong, my reccollection is the Whitman was a certified RINO.
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    Dark Money Dem Super PAC makes False Claims against Ted Cruz & Rep Boebert

    It's alleged hypocrisy. The creep Hunter Biden, son of the creep Joe Biden is caught dead to allegations--facts.
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    2021 DC Replacement Thread

    It's easy after the 21-22 season to hold HCMG in high(er) esteem. But the 11-2 season is owed to Knowle's defense. As @ESPN_billC said, OSU won plenty of games, "ugly". Defense isn't pretty, but it gets the job done. Gundy can't stand to hire personalities with talent. So he sticks with...
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    Matt Wells fired

    Uh, what would you expect him to say about her?
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    Jan. 6 sentencing...

    I wonder how Samuel Adams would react to your post? He was not a "Mother Milk toast" kinda guy. Though cities, counties and states, largely should address the Summer of Love or, "Mostly Peaceful Riots" as they were framed by the criminal enterprise which passes for our government, there's a...
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    It's not a vaccine. It's an experiment and those who have taken it are the Pfizer and Moderna and (to a lesser degree), J&J lab rats. The CDC isn't embarrassed at all to admit (very conservatively) that 500,000 lab rats have had adverse reactions; to include at least 12K who are dead from the...
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    South Dakota Gov announces she is sending National Guard Troops to Texas to help secure border....paid for by a private donation

    Soros doesn't need the national guard. He accomplishes his task with the thugs from Antifa.
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    FDA approves first Alzheimer drug in 20 years, Sticker SHOCK as price revealed

    What is amazing is that the criminal FDA approved the drug after being told by most of its scientific panel, the medication was worthless for Alzheimer's. The drug did remove some plaque from blood vessels. The bulk of their advisory panel resigned in disgust.
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    Cowboy Basketball: Pokes are now 7-6 in with SWEEP over ISU. Baylor Game POSTPONED. Tech Next Monday (22nd)

    When it comes to BB, I am largely clueless. But it seems the problem with vaporizing large first-half leads rests squarely on the shoulders of the coaching staff, who are not prepping the team for adjustments the opponents will make in 2nd half.
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    Gundy/HC threads merged

    Gundy is the Jerry Jones of OkState FB. He is done. He shows he has nothing left to give but heart break. Holder needs to step up, gracefully kick him to the curb and get on about a winning legacy. For Gundy to whine, "What else am I gonna do"? First Suggestion: get a job you're good at!
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Kansas State

    Whoever the tackle #72 is not worth a damn. He is acting like concierge for the K-State defensive line. Jerk his scholarship. Give it to someone who can block.
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    Investigators find mass grave in Tulsa connected to 1921 Race Riots

    I grew up in Tulsa. One of my OSU fraternity brothers was the son of a well-to-do lawyer in Tulsa. He was the youngest of many children. His family told him stories about having to hide their black maid, as rednecks were traveling door to door looking for Negros to beat and maim.
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    If Football Is Cancelled

    Wow, it appears the morons (at least some) are alive and well on this thread. You can join Burns Hargus under his bed. Both of you will be safe with no hard decisions to make.
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    My son, a plastic surgeon, with a masters degree from Texas Tech in Cell Molecular Biology tells me if you put a typical medical mask under a 10 power microscope, you can see the space between fibers. A virus molecule is one hundred times smaller than the those passage ways. Masks don't matter...