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  1. Nolaeer

    2023-24 Big 12 schedules

    Big 12 to Adopt Two-Year Divisionless Scheduling (
  2. Nolaeer

    Big 12 to meet to consider 6 new teams(PAC)

    Big 12 in Serious Discussions to Add Up to Six Pac-12 Teams: Report (
  3. Nolaeer

    New Big 12 commissioner

    Great hire(heard this will be the guy). he has no experience in college sports, but has a ton of experience marketing entertainment to Apple and other streaming services. This hire is exactly what the big 12 needs to max out our evenue. Big 12 didnt need a football guy--weve got that covered...
  4. Nolaeer

    WVU may be decent in wrestling next year

    From a coach who knows his stuff(high school coach). WVU's recruiting class plus Pitt and VT transfers He inherited zero talent. He’s starting to get talent in the past two years and they’ve gotten thrown into the fire. Still an uphill climb. We almost had two All Americans this year, which...
  5. Nolaeer

    UCF, Houston, BYU, and Cinn coming next year(2023)

    A year early. So the big 12 will have 14 teams for at least 1 year.
  6. Nolaeer

    Baylor with a new QB1 &t=g1gPqScO00G0eXw84IcvaQ Blake Shapen
  7. Nolaeer

    ISU losing AAU status

    Although ISU had a snowball's chance in Hell of getting an invite to the BIG, there isnt even that chance now.
  8. Nolaeer

    WVU adds top portal target, win projection raised from 6 to 10

    WVU, thx to a 750000 dollar NIL, lands 5 star qb national championship ring qb from Georgia. big upgrade over doege.
  9. Nolaeer

    Big 12 Recruiting

    1.Texas 5th 2. OU-10th 3. Oklahoma State-26 4. Iowa State, 29 5. WVU, 32 6. Baylor 33 Not bad, given the supposed fallout from the traitors defecting. Oklahoma State fans should like WVU's 4 star recruit-he is a 3 time state champion wrestler from Arizona. I think he wrestled 197(a weight...
  10. Nolaeer

    Big 12 basketball

    WVU blocks 11 shots and forces 32 turnovers in drubbing of Pitt. Press Virginia is back. Nice to see 14000 plus back in the coliseum. After a tune-up against Oakland, WVU seems to be figuring out its best rotation. West Virginia overwhelms Pitt in 74-59 Backyard Brawl win | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  11. Nolaeer


    IS this any good? NINE Top-6 Finishes at the Clarion Open!!! Hall (Champion) at 165 Joll (3rd) at 174 Lautzenheiser (3rd) at 133 Hornfeck (4th) at 157 Dowling (5th) at 157 Titus (6th) at 133 Boyd (6th) at at 149 Carman (6th) at 184 Wolfgram (6th) at HWT WVU finished 2nd out 12 teams. Navy...
  12. Nolaeer

    Hurricane Ida

    Things are getting real here in New Orleans. Never seen wind like this....Been here since 82, rode out many hurricanes with nothing but coffee, a .12 gauge, and plenty of ammo. Winds here are ridiculous. Extreme wind warning issued for SE La.; alert says winds as high as 150 mph possible |...
  13. Nolaeer

    This is important!!!!!!!!

    This football season subscribe to Sling blue and orange. That gives you all the espn and fox channels for big 12. More importantly, it doesnt have SEC network. none of the little 8 should support ESPN (once we're not getting 37.5 million from them), and certainly not the SEC network. HULU...
  14. Nolaeer

    WVU wrestling on the move

    Top 5 facilities, top coach, and a hot bed recruiting area. Look at the food these kids eat! And the perks! No wonder WVU is getting quality transfers. WVU is going to be a very solid wrestling addition to the Big 12, which is amazing considering the state of the program before joining the Big...
  15. Nolaeer

    Big 12 recruiting

    This from 247 sports, WVU site: Teal Chip Ratio. Over the years, West Virginia's ratio has hovered right around the 50-percent mark, bottoming out at 40.2-percent in 2017, but rising since the arrival of Neal Brown. Earlier this week, I wrote about how the Mountaineers are now nearing...
  16. Nolaeer

    My OSU icon is gone if Adams beats your 197 wrestler

    your highly touted 197 pounder. To make it fair, if your guy redeems himself in the big 12 tourney, ill switch back to the OSU icon. I think that's fair since many claim that your 197 guy is the best thing since dan gable. at least i didnt change it over the basketball game where wvu made a...
  17. Nolaeer

    Why Texas gets the calls!!!!!! 5 times at least this ref touched Sam's Ehlinger's butt when he helped him up.
  18. Nolaeer

    ESPN power rankings(Big 12 well represented)
  19. Nolaeer

    WVU V Cowboys-The tale of the tape

    WVU was picked anywhere from 7th to last preseason. That may yet be true, but the strength of the team is the dline. 1. Dline WVU has 3 future NFL starters on its dline, and possibly a fourth. That includes Darius Sills, the consensus Big 12 defensive player of the year, his brother Dante, a 4...