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  1. Well

    Looking for baseball cap worn by players during 09/26/20 game with WV

    During the game, tv would show some of the players with orange baseball caps. If anybody knows where to find these please give me a shout. I've looked at the university shop site, but couldn't find them.
  2. Well

    Vacuum Sealers

    Wondering if anybody uses a vacuum sealer. I'm looking at Chamber vacuum sealers, like the Vacmaster 215. Looking for input and opinions on what type people are using, pros, cons, best, worst, etc. If you've got one you like please post about it, and add photos.
  3. Well

    How to add a comment

    If there's a "how to" somewhere, sorry, I've looked but couldn't find it. In the left hand column, there are some members with comments between their user name and above the "A/V subscriber" tag. How do you add a comment there, or what are the requirements to do that? Thanks.
  4. Well

    Looking for General Contractor for work in Del City

    Bought a vacant lot in Del City and wanting to place a tiny house on it. Roughly 500 sq ft. Need to speak with a contractor familiar with Del City in order to work with their code and planning people, and give me an estimate for the job. If anybody knows a good contractor I could contact...
  5. Well

    Looking for Information on Experian Boost to Increase Credit Score

    Experian Boost is being advertised as a vehicle to increase credit score by allowng Experian to connect to bank accounts and utility billings/payments. Wondering if anyone has any information or used this service. If so, what are your thoughts and concerns. Any information is appreciated.