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  1. docjoctoo

    GOP House announces first 2 investigations. Hunter Biden and Treatment of people jailed over Jan 6th participation

    We the people need to have full confidence in both parties that they are honest and not self seeking despite their political differences.
  2. docjoctoo

    The Universe

    As a physician I have seen things happen ( you might call them miracles) that are well beyond everything known by medicine.
  3. docjoctoo

    Jan. 6 sentencing...

    We also had according to my information of 4,000 capitol police...and whose primary responsibility was to guard. Where were they all this time and why didn't stop this from happening ?
  4. docjoctoo

    The Biden Administration Thread

    Joe Biden could be a good living as a standup comic...just being his usual presidential self.
  5. docjoctoo

    Pelosi Husband hospitalized after Home Invasion attack could this ever happen ?
  6. docjoctoo

    Pelosi Husband hospitalized after Home Invasion attack

    My question could this happen in a home that has top security. Perhaps it was not a break in at all. Perhaps her husband who had a car accident while drinking had an accident at home..or perhaps he forgot to set the alarm. Probably we will never know.
  7. docjoctoo

    Former Oklahoma State University President Jim Halligan has passed away

    I saw Jim Halligan early this year at several OSU football games.
  8. docjoctoo

    Sunday Morning Coaches Week #8: Cimarron Cattle Drive Edition

    Not long ago either...on this board...people were saying that Gundy has lost it and maybe we need a new coach.
  9. docjoctoo

    Baylor Trip

    That's the way games should be played and visitors received.
  10. docjoctoo

    FBI raiding Mar A Lago

    Sometimes I feel we are like a bunch of kids fighting and calling each other names.
  11. docjoctoo

    Texas spent $280,000 on Archie Manning recruiting visit, $630K total

    This is an example of why we no longer have amateur sports.
  12. docjoctoo

    FBI raiding Mar A Lago

    Where do you think our rights come from?
  13. docjoctoo

    FBI raiding Mar A Lago

    What do you the word "Trumpers" ?
  14. docjoctoo

    FBI raiding Mar A Lago

    At this point we know nothing except what someone said to someone. If these documents are so top secret...why does so many say they know what is in them? I suspect this will all fizzle out as the mid term elections nears.
  15. docjoctoo

    James Webb Telescope first images

    The more we know...the more we find...there is more we don't know.
  16. docjoctoo

    MAGA party

    Joe Biden seems to believe that America's problems are all caused by Republicans. Can that be true?
  17. docjoctoo

    FBI raiding Mar A Lago

    America has major problems that need Congresses and our attention.....but this is not one of them.
  18. docjoctoo


    My wife and I spent hours online and finally by call to finally get our season tickets and parking pass. It was a mess! The whole process needs to be changed. If the goal is to sell as many tickets as possible they need to make buying tickets as easy as possible.