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  1. OSU1994

    Way early football big12 odds

    Oklahoma 7/4 Texas 2/1 Oklahoma State 5/1 Baylor 15/2 Iowa State 12/1 TCU 14/1 Texas Tech 40/1 West Virginia 40/1 Kansas State 50/1 Kansas 300/1 Betonline.AG I am sure WVU has multiple players who run 90 mph. Enlighten us Nolaeer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. OSU1994

    big12 sec challenge

    Looks like a tough challenge this year. ESPN predictor has it at 5-5 with one of the wins being OU over Bama. It makes our game huge as it could win the challenge or be necessary to go .500. If OU can win, we win, and KU wins, I think it ends any arguments about the best league in MBB. Assuming...
  3. OSU1994

    Baylor game

    This is it. A win and the program has a chance a loss and likely a long ride (meaning years) in the basement of the big12. Baylor should be a 20+ point fav vs knowles no idea what I am trying to do from these formations defense. 5 and 7 is staring Gundy right in the stupid mullet. Sent from...
  4. OSU1994

    Wheel route

    Watching 2010 V&S tamu first TD wheel route to randle. So successful, PLEASE BRING THIS TYPE OF STUFF BACK GLEASON!!!!!!!! HOlgy’s O was not complex, just good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. OSU1994

    Pokes vs WVU game thread

    Refs decided the game long before it ever started. WVU hacking everyone no call tie ups by us foul Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk