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  1. bigbadbob

    Lindenwood Open (Wrestling)

    Some of our backups competed in the Lindenwood Open today and we had a couple of showouts. 125: Zach Blankenship won his bracket with a pin over Austin Kegley from Lindenwood, a pin over Davian Guanajuato from SIU and an OT victory over Studd Morris from UCO. 133: Reece Witcraft won his...
  2. bigbadbob

    OSU v. Wyoming (Wrestling)

    After a decent dual weekend that had a couple of surprises (hello 157 Gfeller and 165 Sheets), the #7 OSU Cowboy (2-0) Grapplers open their Home dual slate on Friday at 7 pm against the other Big XII (Wrestling) Cowboys - Wyoming (unranked). Unfortunately, the other Cowboys are unlikely to put...
  3. bigbadbob

    OSU v. Lehigh (Wrestling)

    Disappointingly, our #7 OSU Wrestlers start off this season with two duals on a football home game day, so while we are busy tailgating and fighting to get enough cell service to stream the matches, they will be facing a couple of decent teams with some really good matchups. First up-#15 Lehigh...
  4. bigbadbob

    Wrestling Article from Adam Engel
  5. bigbadbob

    Daton Fix - Pan Ams

    Daton Fix is representing USA at the Pan American Championships today. He won his first match against Puero Rico 11-0. He is the heavy favorite to bring home the gold. Go Daton!
  6. bigbadbob

    Final X - Stillwater (Wrestling)

    A few days ago it was announced that GIA will be hosting one of two Final X meets. The date is June 3rd and will have some of the best men's and women wrestlers in the world competing for a spot on Team USA that will be wrestling for world medals in Serbia in September. Qualifying for the world...
  7. bigbadbob

    Wrestling Season Recap and Look Forward

    So it is no surprise that this year sucked. The last week has been full of tweets and stats putting the season and tournament into historical perspective and with each one, it breaks my heart a little more. We can certainly blame injuries to several of our top guys, but the reality is that it...
  8. bigbadbob

    #8 Oklahoma State v. #24 Oklahoma (Wrestling)

    Listen, this year has not gone as planned for us. Our only defending champ is out for the season, Carter Young hasn't wrestled up to expectations as one of the top recruits in the country (or Dustin Plott for that matter), and we have had 4 or 5 of our guys banged up in the last half of the...
  9. bigbadbob

    #6 Oklahoma State v. #2 Iowa (Wrestling)

    A matchup that looked to be a tossup a month ago appears, on paper at least, to be a potential blowout for Iowa, Saturday night at the home of the Texas Rangers. With Iran cancelling, difficulty getting international stars to wrestle against the USA team, and just overall lack of excitement...
  10. bigbadbob

    #5 Oklahoma State v. #6 Missouri (Wrestling)

    So I took a week off posting about wrestling because I was so pissed about last weekend. Just an all around dog shit of a performance for two days, and a bunch of people thinking that if we had 2 extra decent opponents in the last two months, we somehow would have won. It's a massive...
  11. bigbadbob

    (4, 3) Oklahoma State v. (13, 6) Iowa State

    Sunday at 2 pm, OSU (historical best program) will be hosting the Cyclones of ISU (historical 4th best program) in good ol GIA. Unlike the gooners down south, who are putting their weekend duals on for a fee, you will eb able to watch this one on Espn+, but you totally should go...
  12. bigbadbob

    (4/3) Oklahoma State v. (27/UR) Northern Iowa

    Saturday Night at 7 pm, we will be hosting the Panthers of Northen Iowa in GIA (TV: ESPN+), begging the question - does Iowa even have panthers? Oklahoma does have panthers (aka mountain lions, cougar, puma, etc..) and as the OK Wildlife department recently let us know - you should not let them...
  13. bigbadbob

    (4) OSU v. (16) Lehigh (Wrestling)

    So here we are, 9-0 ranked 4th by Intermat, wrestling #16 (Dual) Lehigh on Sunday at 2:00 in GIA. We had a few hundred fans at the free to enter Columbia dual last Sunday, and I was really disappointed. I asked online how many people show up to Penn State or Iowa when they are wrestling nobodies...
  14. bigbadbob

    OSU v. Columbia (Wrestling)

    So when I was a freshman at OSU, a girl I knew from HS called and asked if I wanted to go to a date party at Austin. I said sure, and thought, I'm going to get to check out UT and all the cool stuff in Austin. When I asked her for directions, it was to Sherman, TX (Austin College). Talk about a...
  15. bigbadbob

    Geary Tournament (Possible Future Cowboy Wrestlers)

    The nation's oldest wrestling tournament is today and tomorrow in Geary, Oklahoma and generally draws an extremely strong group of schools/wrestlers. This year they are down a bit, probably because of COVID. Two things make Geary really interesting: 1) there is a complete blind draw, meaning no...
  16. bigbadbob

    OSU v. Arkansas-Little Rock (Wrestling)

    So Saturday, Jan. 8th at 7:30 pm, we travel up the road a bit to Little Rock to "battle" the UALR Trojans who are coached by former Cowboy Neil Erisman. It appears to be streaming on their website here: Little Rock vs. Oklahoma State - Little Rock Athletics ( but may cost a one...
  17. bigbadbob

    Southern Scuffle (Wrestling)

    OSU sent several backups to the Southern Scuffle in Chattanooga, who will be wrestling today. Usually we send the starters, but out of an abundance of COVID caution, HCJS held them back. I am pro covid measures, but if we are going to wrestle (and send guys who will be coming back and being in...
  18. bigbadbob

    Wrestling Podcast

    If you ever listen to podcasts, and want to know more about wrestling - try out the Dynasty Defined podcast by Lee Cothran. Here's a link but you can subscribe on most podcast platforms.
  19. bigbadbob

    OSU v. Utah Valley (Wrestling)

    This evening OSU will be taking on the Wolverines of Utah Valley in Oren, Utah. The dual starts at 8:00 and will be streamed on flowrestling, which has an annual fee. Because we are probably not sending starters to the Southern Scuffle, this will be the last time you will see our big boys until...
  20. bigbadbob

    Reno Tournament of Champions (Wrestling)

    Today we have a few backups going that might be interesting: 141: Colt Newton 141: Teague Travis 149: Joey Sanchez 157: Jalin Harper 184: Gavin Stika HWT: (2) Austin Harris