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    oSu VS. K State Pushed to ESPN+

    Not good for our fans or their fans, unless you plan to attend. The country is not in full stream mode. Hurts recruiting. Plus, we'll not able to be arm chair QBs unless we purchase Can they do this to MBB also?
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    I've Looked w/o Success Bus hauls back & forth from Posse Park Lots

    Have looked for "Pete" bus pick up points And drop. No success for the North Side of the stadium - like Washington Street up to Eskridge and in between? Not a spring, especially, or fall chicken anymore Got maps?
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    No Tailgating for the Spring Game

    Anyone have a Crystal Ball to see how next season looks for tailgating ?
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    Men's Golf

    Those in the know please let us know. Going n 3 years, seemingly drought of clutch players. Got a lot of the buzz w/the ESPN coverage , of course w/ou - private jets and all. Really - what is the state of the State oSu Program? One of the only Google searches that you can put up, oSu &...
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    KU to focus on BB Pooka Williams leaves program

    Can't say anything - all for the dude
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    Crowd Noise ?

    I was wondering about this - anyone know the B12 UT/OU policy - or is that like most - we are waiting to figure that one oUT...
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    Anyone have an inside/outside tout on TV for the Tulsa Game?

    I have not seen anything ..but not always well connected. Thanks.
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    (Golf) On The Road Again, and Again

    Hats off to Vik