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    2023 outlook

    No doubt, recruiting has been terrible at the Oline position. The only reason I have slight optimism for next year is we'll be starting most of the remnants of Henson's recruits, and they'll all be seniors. Now the year after that, YIKES!
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    Gundy 2022 job rating

    I thought the same thing after 2011, just a huge missed opportunity. Of course the landscape has completely changed since then so probably not a relevant comparison, but still, just seems we fail to capitalize on momentum.
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    2023 outlook

    Think of the specific losses though. I don't think it's very arguable that Birmingham, Woodard and Wilson are our 3 best Olinemen, and they are all interior players. We lost all 3 for all or parts of the season. That would be hard attrition for any team, let alone one that hasn't recruited...
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    2023 outlook

    I've got more optimism than you on the oline. We should get Birmingham back at one of the guard spots, and Preston Wilson will be a senior and hopefully healthy. Brooks was coming on at the end of the year, and was just a soph, so he should be pretty good next year at whatever position he...
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    Points per game offense/defense..

    Ok, you're winning me over a bit, but one decision leads to another. If the coaches had known Birmingham was out, maybe they look a little harder for a viable backup. However, options are so limited at some point, AKA Bullock, do you really think there is a competent game manager out there...
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    Points per game offense/defense..

    Disagree completely. We had two really good/great guards and a center in Birmingham, Wilson and Woodard. We lost Birmingham before the season started, and then Woodard later in the year (when the losing started) and Wilson was a shell of himself but played through it. At that point, we needed...
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    NIL discussion

    What is CEAT?
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    Trump 2024 Thread

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    2023 outlook

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    2023 outlook

    Obviously, those aren't the kids that demand big NIL deals. Hopefully this is what they all start to understand and some kind of balance naturally develops, but I doubt it.
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    NIL discussion

    Man, to hell with this. I'll just donate to the OSU foundation and let the semi pro league develop and die on the vine without me. I guess I'll just be thankful that I got to be a part of the golden years.
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    2023 outlook

    This seems like something the NCAA would still have the power to reign in. I mean what entities are "attracting" these players?? If schools or even booster organizations are actively incenting players like this, surely there can be a consequence within NCAA rules. I have no problem with these...
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    Points per game offense/defense..

    To your point 1, after Woodard went down and Wilson being a shell of himself, yes. There was just no pocket to step up into. At the beginning of the year before he hurt his shoulder, Sanders was using the whole field pretty well I thought, much like the end of last year. To number 2, that...
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    Bowl Game

    You wouldn't go to New Orleans?? I'd go there for an insurance seminar, and I'm not even in the insurance business.
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    Points per game offense/defense..

    Also have to look at timing a little bit. Last year, all our injuries on offense were at the beginning of the year, and we managed to sweep our non-con, then got healthier as the year went on. The reverse was true this year. Still, interesting numbers. We had some really bad stretches on...
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    Big Time Coaching Changes Going Round the Nation!

    Yep, with excellent Texas connections. Would love for us to take a run at him.
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    Sunday Morning Coaches, Best of Times, Worst of Times edition

    Agreed. And I'll argue that leaving them deep in their own territory in that weather led directly to the next field goal we did get, so I don't believe it cost us any net points. I do feel we should have come up with something better out of the timeout though. At least Gundy took a timeout in...
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    Official Game Thread: West Virginia vs. Oklahoma State

    I'm actually fine with going for it. Field goals aren't guaranteed in the rain as we almost saw at the end there, and if you don't make it, you have them pinned deep and they have to drive the field in the rain. But I agree, have to have a better play after the TO. We've proven we don't have...
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    Qatar World Cup

    Neither have I, but I have had the opportunity to try Panamanian and Salvadorean beers, and Bud would be a serious upgrade from either of those.
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    Has Dickey been fired yet?