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  1. orangepatriot

    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: Super regional edition

    Lighten up big guy. Gundysburner and I were giving you a COMPLIMENT salted with some obvious humor. Its the end of the sports season. Don't take things so seriously.
  2. orangepatriot

    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: Super regional edition

    Agree. Pretty light on the detail. Nothing about average pre-game arrival time to the ballpark, number of players with slide marks, or sticks of gum chewed per game, etc. You know; the important stuff.
  3. orangepatriot

    Game of football will never be the same..

    The CFP model needs to be looked at differently," Smith said. "As we consider expansion, we ought to consider the structure. The reality is we need to begin to control our own space. We've got to make sure we're careful with antitrust, but at the end of the day, we need different rules." Really...
  4. orangepatriot

    Portal News

    Although the recent dialogue was good it should be moved to another board. For the sake of all who come on here occasionally, let's stay on topic if that's OK with everyone. I'd like to see a list of what we've lost and pick up from the portal. Can anyone who is on top of this post id for us?
  5. orangepatriot

    Portal News

    Well said and I wholeheartedly agree! You know your Bible well.
  6. orangepatriot

    Championship Game Tickets?

    Smart and confident! I've never had good luck with buying tickets through the athletic ticket office even though we are pretty high up the Possee point ladder.
  7. orangepatriot

    Championship Game Tickets?

    I'm certainly hoping their will be! I feel a lot of OSU fans did what we did and bought them right after the Tech game. I expect to see a lot of Orange around the stadium! Bring your Bedlam Pom Poms!
  8. orangepatriot

    Championship Game Tickets?

    We bought 6 tickets in C134 during the 4th quarter of the TTech game for $205 per via SeatGeek. Pretty much the same area we are for home games. I've learned not to buy tickets through the OSU ticket office.
  9. orangepatriot

    CFB Playoff #5 CFP, #5 Coaches, #5 AP

    Frankly, Houston is going to beat Cincinnati so none this matters. The only thing that matters is a win over Baylor.
  10. orangepatriot

    CFB Playoff #5 CFP, #5 Coaches, #5 AP

    Actually when asked about Cinn, Barta hinted that it was very close between Cinn and Ok State as of now. Prior to that he was very insistent about the committee being impressed with recent wins, especially bedlam during rivalry week, which was very important to them. IMO, he indicated a win...
  11. orangepatriot

    Stadium Renovations

    My recollection from when they were rebuilding the south side is that they did (or were going to) add supports at key areas across the side to support a deck that could be added later. Not sure how that would impact the pressbox.
  12. orangepatriot

    CFB Playoff #5 CFP, #5 Coaches, #5 AP

    If none of those things happen this is what it will look like: 1. Tide 2. Bulldogs 3. Wolverines 4. Bearcats, Golden Domers, or The Pokes If Bama somehow wins, there is no way they leave Georgia out of the playoff unless they lose by three or more touchdowns. Given past history and this...
  13. orangepatriot

    Tom Hutton: The Truthsayer

    Have to agree with the sentiment on the locals. The only game I've been to was our game with them in 2008. Sat with a friend, who was a former TTech Roughneck, away from the student section and everyone was very nice. There problem has more to due with students being wasted before the ever...
  14. orangepatriot

    Jaylen Warren extra year eligibility

    You appear to be correct: NCAA Extra Year of Eligibility | Coronavirus Rules (
  15. orangepatriot

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

    The site will direct you to SeatGeek. Bought 6 last night. Good prices but high fees (just over 22% of the ticket prices.) Found a nice house on Airbnb about .5 miles due west of the stadium. GO POKES!
  16. orangepatriot


    Does anyone know the status of Austin Boone (149)? A friend/co-worker (and big wrestling fan) form MI mentioned to me this morning that his son's wrestled with him in HS and said we was a 4 time state champ and really great kid. I see that Gfeller is listed at 149 above and was just curious.
  17. orangepatriot

    Crow tastes pretty good

    Personal HC Gundy Score Card for 2021 Season: QB C (Not comfortable with QB1 but you've got to play the best fit for the offense) RB A- (J Warren's a stud but need to play backups a little more. Still 6+ games to play) Offense...
  18. orangepatriot

    7 point dog going into Ames

    Since Vegas say's we shouldn't win this one, I like our prospects. TCU on the other hand, has been a handful in recent years....
  19. orangepatriot

    I re-watched last years Texas game last night...

    This would be funnier if it was Bruce Jenner in the video.
  20. orangepatriot

    I am now a Spencer Sanders fan

    Two reasons we won the game: Jaylen Warren’s running was strong and extended the offensive time of possession to give the defense a blow to be dominant in the second half. That’s it.