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  1. TheMonkey

    No more Gary Bussey on Jumbotron?

    after this.
  2. TheMonkey

    Wyoming “Pistol Pete”

    I was watching a news story about Wyoming and saw Pistol Pete on this guy‘s hat. I realized it looked a little yellow instead of orange, and must be a Wyoming Cowboys hat I thought they were no longer able to use our Pistol Pete as their mascot image.
  3. TheMonkey

    PayPal Payment Paused

    I got this email message this morning from PayPal: "Your automatic payment is no longer active You’ll need to contact OrangePower Network, LLC for more details or to reactivate your automatic payments." I went into the app and it says the automatic payment is paused and I have to contact you...
  4. TheMonkey

    Cowboys Cut Blake Jarwin

    Hopefully he lands on his feet elsewhere.
  5. TheMonkey

    118 point margin of victory?

    This should never happen. For so many reasons.
  6. TheMonkey

    2022 Season Tickets

    I anticipate renewing my season tickets, but we have family members who want to buy for next season. When do renewal orders and new ticket options become available? I think it was delayed last year because of the issues created by Covid.
  7. TheMonkey

    TT Announcers Reprimanded & Barred from OSU Game

    Apparently the TT radio announcers got too vocal about their perception the Big XII didn’t want the Red Raiders to beat ISU last weekend. When a TT interception was overturned, students threw trash on the field. Officials ordered two sections of students be vacated from the stadium. There were...
  8. TheMonkey

    Driving from Dallas

    I haven’t lived in N DFW long, so we always take I-35 up to Stillwater. Google Maps just suggested we take 377 up to 177 all the way to Stillwater. Not sure what 177 is like south of town on game days. Curious if it’s better or worse than 35/51.
  9. TheMonkey

    Happy Barry Day

    53 years old today. As someone else said, Barry Sanders and I have combined for 34 NCAA records.
  10. TheMonkey

    Cade a “Can’t Miss” Prospect

    This was fun to watch and is more good pub for OSU.
  11. TheMonkey

    Austin police: Texas linebacker Jake Ehlinger found dead off campus

    Sam’s little brother. Prayers for their family and loved ones.
  12. TheMonkey

    Treasury Dept. Links Trump Campaign to Election Interference by Russia

    I'm sharing this because someone on the board recently stated I was a "loony" and "not sane" for believing the Trump Campaign had anything to do with the Russians meddling in our election. This was the missing link in the Mueller Report and the Senate Intelligence reports. It came out this week...
  13. TheMonkey

    Landon Wolf enters transfer portal

  14. TheMonkey

    Baltimore Explosion

    Assuming this was a gas pipe explosion, but who knows?
  15. TheMonkey

    and Boynton Laughs

    As far as comedy goes, this is gold Jerry! Gold! 8th place in the Big XII? Boynton just laughs.
  16. TheMonkey

    Leach on Twitter

    His feed is a fun read. A bit cathartic in the midst of the current climate.
  17. TheMonkey

    Knowles and Our Defensive Evolution

    At the beginning of the season, the jury was still out on Jim Knowles as our DC. Several on this forum claimed he was an idiot or that Gundy was forcing him to do things outside his knowledge/abilities. I was not convinced Gundy had made the right choice, but the last several games are changing...
  18. TheMonkey

    Tylan Wallace Athlon AA 1st Team

    I didn’t see this mentioned elsewhere. Nice acknowledgement of TW by Athlon Sports.