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  1. llcoolw

    Bullet cramps

    McElwain joking about Bullet, the horse that runs onto the field after Oklahoma State’s touchdowns: “When they scored 30 in a row, I was probably more concerned with that damn horse cramping up that kept running around the end zone there.”...
  2. llcoolw

    Murdaugh (pronounced Murdock) Murder Mystery

    So I started paying attention to the SC attorney whose wife and son were murdered back a year ago. In that time, a young lady from that area and a recent KU grad, started a pod cast by the title of this thread. Went all the way to #1 on Apple Podcasts. She was already in a 2 year...
  3. llcoolw

    Ayman Al-Zawahiri Killed?

  4. llcoolw

    ATF goes to a home to investigate straw purchase. This...
  5. llcoolw

    Protesting is all fun and games until the Secret Service shows up

    Cussing at the end and yes it’s just one SS.
  6. llcoolw

    Bedlam Cup

    Looks like a win thanks to the cowgirls loss. If they met UO again and loss, the cup would’ve been tied. And after 22 years, this BC win gives the Pokes the tie breaker in overall wins as well. Since 99, it’s 11 UO, 12 OSU. I’m reminded of the futurama episode where Lela fights Lela from...
  7. llcoolw

    Sam Ryder Triggers tsunami of beer!!!! Sorry it’s vid max but it’s a good compilation of different angles of the explosion.
  8. llcoolw

    The Egg

    I know we have numerous religions and ideologies represented here on Orange Power and this isn’t any of that. It’s about a car wreck and it’s aftermath. I promise anyone reading this that the 7 minutes spent will not take away from you but it will add a little something. Or better yet, what’s...
  9. llcoolw

    Rusty Shackleford is back?
  10. llcoolw

    IQ shooting from the hip.

    Can you answer these questions I just put together of weird facts I like to throw at the kids for cash prizes? Here, I’m handing out atta boys or atta girls or atta theys instead of cash. Cause you’re not my children. 1. What is the inclination of our planet? 2. What does the 2 mean after...
  11. llcoolw

    Major Eruption in Tonga and Tsunami
  12. llcoolw

    Biden signs Defense Bill

    Have yourself a read. Might as well, you paid for it. President Biden on Monday signed a sweeping $768 million defense policy bill, setting up top lines and policy for the Pentagon, the White House announced...
  13. llcoolw

    Axis of Evil

    Has been replicated as of June 2020 and is now a “problem” within cosmology.
  14. llcoolw

    Don’t know if you’ve met my hero before. Mr. Democracy Manifest.

    The greatest arrest ever made.
  15. llcoolw

    I-35 Warning and other game info

    Just for those who haven’t been on it recently. There are 3 sections south bound under construction. On a normal day, they slow you down about 20 minutes each. There are detours available but not advertised. Keep your apps on. First is about 10 miles south of Purcell. Next is about 10 - 15 miles...
  16. llcoolw

    Such a great Monday!

    No one wants to talk politics. At all. Last post was Sunday morning at 9am. UO lost their minds. UO lost their coach. UO LOST BEDLAM!! That is all.
  17. llcoolw


    Mike Gundy said. "I'm kind of shocked, to be honest with you, that we could play that well defensively against them on the road as well as they've played offensively the last two weeks. Defensively, we just dominated the game. I don't know what else to say."
  18. llcoolw

    Top 25 AP/Coaches #15 in both. There’s some respect in that.
  19. llcoolw

    Looking for 2 bedlam.

    Not to be resold but to be held and loved on. Promise.
  20. llcoolw

    Alec Baldwin