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  1. nuclearorange

    New OSU baseball vs Baylor Thread

    Because people are too lazy to make a new one and I am sick of scrolling thru 400 posts
  2. nuclearorange

    OSUvORU Tonight

    Hopefully Campbell pitches tonight and we can break out of our 9 game losing streak at Johnson stadium.
  3. nuclearorange

    Cowgirl softball 3/5 vs Omaha at 2:30

    Time for a new thread for today’s game
  4. nuclearorange

    Make up games

    Anyone heard anything about Big 12 make up games being rescheduled for next week yet? I would think it would have to be done ASAP for travel and tv arrangements. I would assume everyone would be playing Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  5. nuclearorange

    Super Regional Game 3

    Let’s do this!
  6. nuclearorange

    Super Regional Game 2

    Better luck tomorrow.
  7. nuclearorange

    Super Regionals

    Just got sick of seeing the previous thread about baseball growing to 500 pages. Should be a new thread started for each game.