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  1. osu_dna

    osu vs asu

    I took my grandson to see his first osu football game and the gameday atmosphere was awesome. It was everything I could have expected and more. The only thing that put a damper on the game was the rain in the second half. We had to leave early and finish it on the radio so that neither he nor...
  2. osu_dna

    john paul catch

    the catch by john paul to keep the drive going was insane! hes great!!
  3. osu_dna

    Arizona State Game

    Hello Cowboy fans- I'm taking may 6 year old grandson to his first cowboy game to see Arizona State. I've only been to probably 12 or so games there in person but I'm a life long cowboy fan and bleed orange to the bone. With that being said I'm trying to give him the absolutely best...
  4. osu_dna

    Gunnar Gundy

    I rarely post on here but I think it's going to be interesting to see how Gunnar does this year and if he sees any action this year or ever to be honest. I have a very weird feeling that we will see him at some point during his career put into a situation that might not be the best and him...
  5. osu_dna


    As improved as our defense was this year will we ever have a defense that plays with confidence and swagger. I know we've had brief moments of success this year and in years past but having a consistent defense just seems like it's never going to happen. I'm a very old dude but back in the...