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  1. OrangeFan69

    Name for game with Texas Tech?

    The Panhandle Party
  2. OrangeFan69

    Final drive Big12 Champ game w/o Dom ?

    I was in that middle time from 2001-08 where the pay was garbage and widespread bandwidth hadn’t made vlogging and podcasts profitable yet. I never wanted to be a personality guy as a journalist. Dick Schaap was always a guy I aspired to be. The Max Kellerman, Steven A Smith, Skip Bayless...
  3. OrangeFan69

    Big 12 to meet to consider 6 new teams(PAC)

    Houston is playing on Friday - which is high school game night in a city that’s a cluster to travel in.
  4. OrangeFan69

    Final drive Big12 Champ game w/o Dom ?

    We lost the game because of turnovers. A banner would have been nice, but we still went to a New Years Bowl game and won beating a quality opponent; I’ve moved on. The announcers were just reading notes our Sports Information Department handed them. 99% of them don’t do their own research. I...
  5. OrangeFan69

    Ten Top 25 teams lost in WK five…

    It’s a network TV game. Both schools are typically ranked. Im not saying it’s earned.
  6. OrangeFan69

    Ten Top 25 teams lost in WK five…

    SC will probably have trouble against Utah, Oregon and ND. Likely lose 2/3. They have top notch skill players but their lines aren’t built up yet. I could see them in the PAC Championship game.
  7. OrangeFan69

    Ten Top 25 teams lost in WK five…

    OU will stay ranked because they are playing a national TV game next week against Texas. Probably #25
  8. OrangeFan69

    OSU/Baylor Game Replay?

    Usually Big Dave on YouTube is my go to for playback
  9. OrangeFan69

    Big 12 to meet to consider 6 new teams(PAC)

    1. UCLA kills it in academics. 2. UCLA gets about 50,000 to their games in attendance. The stadium holds 92k so yeah it’s not a good look. 3. UCLA gets better TV ratings than us and we’re one of the best that’s not in the Big10/SEC- and that’s been through mediocre 4. UCLA is in a market of...
  10. OrangeFan69


    Big 12 television ratings /significantly decrease when the school in Norman loses because their fans are either arrested for domestic violence/ animal cruelty following a loss. If there is only one TV in the local detention center, it’s less screens and a decrease in ratings.
  11. OrangeFan69

    No more Bedlam

    We should at least offer to play the game occasionally in Stillwater when we have time.
  12. OrangeFan69

    Bernard-Converse & Mcallister

    LSU football also generates a lot of money
  13. OrangeFan69

    Stripe the Stadium vs ASU…

    Some of you people would complain about nice weather. Why is it 72? I personally like it 73 degrees. It was something different to do and it looked cool on TV and we beat the fork out of Arizona State. Go freaking Pokes.
  14. OrangeFan69

    ASU Pregame Dinner

    Use the OpenTable app. I detest waiting anywhere. Never mind Red Lobster and Ranchers Club are the only spots
  15. OrangeFan69

    Bernard-Converse & Mcallister

    You guys do know that players also transfer to Oklahoma State also. I don’t blame a guy for transferring - you’re only young once and it may help your mindset and/or pro potential to get a fresh start somewhere new.
  16. OrangeFan69

    Big 12 to meet to consider 6 new teams(PAC)

    Dude, why would most people spend their Labor Day weekend in 100 degree heat in a stadium with no canopy to watch a win over a MAC school? That doesn’t even make sense man.
  17. OrangeFan69

    Best Way to Watch Games - out of state

    If you don’t want to get cable; I’m sure there is a Denver area watch party.
  18. OrangeFan69

    ASU HC Herm Edwards weekly press conference

    Did you read the actual article? It’s not that big of a thing dude.
  19. OrangeFan69

    97% or 53808 at the game!

    Running out of hot stuff is not that big of a thing. Things sell out. I wouldn’t define it as really embarrassing. Things don’t always go perfect.
  20. OrangeFan69

    We had the best win in the Big-12 this weekend..?

    The Big 12’s opening week opponents are part of the reason we look like clown shoes compared to other conferences.