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  1. Italiancowboy

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Baylor

    "dead last" of which group ? Top 25, OK. Someone in the Top 25 has to have the lowest ranking SOS. Ours is 85 on one site. #54 on another. Lots of variation.
  2. Italiancowboy

    Big 12 Game Thread: Week 5

    surprised at the 5.5 spread on the Gooner game. Guess they saw lots of flaws in that team.
  3. Italiancowboy


    Normally Bama/Ark would not be "must see" but I bet alot of folks want to see if Bama is as good as normal (after the uT game) and if Arky is really good (i.e. previous #10 ranking). So maybe not as cutndry as you suggest on that one. But we should pull good numbers vs FSU/WF. But in the...
  4. Italiancowboy

    Crazy Sanders/Baylor stat

    Maybe 0.5 instead of .5 would have made it more clear for old guys . . .
  5. Italiancowboy

    OState at BU… KO at 2:30 pm…

    KSU vs Tulane and KSU vs 0U and uT vs Bama and uT vs TTU should be enough evidence that there's not yet enough evidence out there to say who is good and who is not.
  6. Italiancowboy


    Yup, already saw an article that said something like with Wake and Pitt being good to go along with Clemson, the ACC has solidified its clear position as Conference #3.
  7. Italiancowboy

    Bernard-Converse & Mcallister

    Never said i wished him ill will. I said he got lots of PIs at OSU and will get lots of PIs at LSU. Just the facts.
  8. Italiancowboy

    The Rudolph Saga … What Happens Next?

    That's pretty good time of possession right there !!!!
  9. Italiancowboy

    OSU move to 7 and 8 this week - Seven Top 25 teams or about 1/3 lost today…

    Yup, watched the game. One game performance should not count that much. It was their Super Bowl. Throwing darts for 1 quarter ? Baylor QB threw darts for 2 quarters in Big12 Champ game and in second half was shut out. Too much speculation there on "if not injured". Let's see them pull the same...
  10. Italiancowboy

    Interesting Defensive Post Game Notes:

    My "want to know" question is why was Daniels out most of the first half ? Was it some kind of consequence due to practice effort or something ? He played more in the 2nd half, but still not majority of snaps like a starter would get.
  11. Italiancowboy

    Interesting Defensive Post Game Notes:

    Other board Insiders say both Green and Bray are out for an extended duration. Doubt they are back for Baylor game.
  12. Italiancowboy

    Interesting Defensive Post Game Notes:

    That's the only good thing about having a bye the week before Conference opener then having ZERO byes the rest of the Conference schedule . . . . . me no like
  13. Italiancowboy

    john paul catch

    How about "Spiderman" ? sticky spiderweb. better to be a super hero. Wallace was Superman (or he was Batman and twin was Superman, don't recall)
  14. Italiancowboy

    Kansas State vs Missouri

    It was Missouri . . . . . ..
  15. Italiancowboy

    Official Game Thread: Arizona State vs. Oklahoma State

    If you went to the game and at halftime you looked at the radar and saw the huge rain storm coming .. . I don't blame folks for bailing. It was forecast 20% rain and folks were not prepared. Then we got hammered with rain. Agree that the Student's hung in there. That's what alcohol will do...
  16. Italiancowboy

    Malcom R

    Awkward for sure. Your position coach openly pulling for other players to keep you off the field. . . thanks, coach, thanks alot.
  17. Italiancowboy

    Top 25 …

    kind of a tough one for me. I know it's better that way, but hard to pull for BU. Similar to uT/Bama. Hard to pull for the Horns in any way .. . .
  18. Italiancowboy

    Top 25 …

    assuming BU beats BYU. If they lose, then beating a #20 BU won't carry as much weight as a top 10 BU.
  19. Italiancowboy

    CFP expands to 12 teams.

    So I'm with Gundy on this one. Who watches regular season college baseball and basketball- some, but not a lot. Why- because each game doesn't matter. People start watching March Madness and Regionals. The same will now happen with college football. Season games won't matter when a 3 loss...
  20. Italiancowboy

    Top 25 …

    ???? If you are UCLA beat writer, you want to talk about your up coming game vs #15USC or #9 USC ? Now play that same scenario for all PAC beat writers. That will bump up USC in the polls. Their job is more important if their team is playing one of the big boys (top 10). Now do you get the...