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  1. RutherfordFan

    Bryce Williams

    Bryce William's still sick???
  2. RutherfordFan

    OSU Basketball

    I'm upset too but I think we might pump the brakes for a couple weeks. We've played 3 Big 12 games against all Top 5 Big 12 teams. Likele is just now rounding into playing shape after mono. 2 big 12 road games. West Virginia and Texas Tech great defensive teams. Let's see how this teams...
  3. RutherfordFan

    Deondrick Glass-- Langston Anderson

    Any word on what coaches think about Glass and Anderson? I'm hoping they are both studs. Any word leaking out on is being said about them so far as they redshirt?
  4. RutherfordFan

    Backup RB Position

    No offense to LD Brown but I haven't seen much good from him yet. He has had a few good carries against bad competition but he doesn't seem to be able to break any tackles is his problem. I think OSU needs to go with Dezmon Jackson once he gets healthy or Jamyhl Jeter when he gets healthy. One...
  5. RutherfordFan

    OSU baseball tied #1 in Big 12!

    Go Cowboys!