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  1. marshmo

    Stillwater Regional - Welcome MSU, GCU, and UA to Stillwater!

    I think this is what will happen.
  2. marshmo

    TCU at OSU baseball series

    Has it been said when Riggio is back?
  3. marshmo

    ORU at OSU in Stillwater

    The person chirping is annoying. If someone on our side is trying to be the next Vandy whistler, we need to nip it in the bud.
  4. marshmo

    OSU vs BYU Baseball Thu-Sat Series

    Is listening to these 2 dildos the only option?
  5. marshmo

    TT Announcers Reprimanded & Barred from OSU Game

    We gotta house these dix early. One team I can't stand.
  6. marshmo

    Jim Knowles comment on the defensive effort vs WVU

    The man's a beast and so is his D.
  7. marshmo

    Weighing All Senses....We are ranked #3 !

    You're right. But he hasn't always been that way. He's a trained journalist, so I'm suprised he does it at all. Hopefully he reads this and accepts the constructive critiscism.
  8. marshmo

    Cowboy Baseball

    When I was paying for tickets, girl on the phone said upgrades would be Dec. 14th. I don't know if that was for me or everyone. I'm pretty low on the pole, so who knows.
  9. marshmo

    Week 7 Coaches Poll

    How do I know RJ hasn't seen us play? I love being where we are, but after that season we were 10-0 and lost every one from then on. I'm jaded.
  10. marshmo

    Weighing All Senses....We are ranked #3 !

    I've listened to RA for years. I've always known what he is and since he doesn't try to hide it, I've been fine with it and still am. Lately, listening to him is like listening to someone that is in the middle of something else. It's like he's trying to get a splinter out of his hand while...
  11. marshmo

    Tony Allen (and wife) in BIG trouble

    If he earned 40 million over his career and only threw down $340k of the suspected $420k. He broke. *All information used to form this hypothesis was "crap I heard on message boards".
  12. marshmo

    Official Game Thread: Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

    I'm ok with rg3 as a color guy. He's got some flare and seems humble.
  13. marshmo

    Dear Coach Mike

    Take out the bad, it's good.
  14. marshmo

    Official Game Thread: Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State

    Exactly, how many times have we seen this.
  15. marshmo

    Official Game Thread: Missouri State vs. Oklahoma State

    That sucks. Sounds disciplinary.
  16. marshmo

    Rickie Fowler

    What a life. Hats off Rickie.
  17. marshmo

    Cowboy Baseball

    I know it's short notice. I have 4 club seats for both sessions and parking on Wednesday that I can't make. If someone will use one or both sessions, you can have them. Section 6, row B, 3-6.
  18. marshmo

    OSU sports back to full capacity

    No, give me an email.
  19. marshmo

    OSU sports back to full capacity

    Sorry, tomorrow night's game.