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  1. Don'tTreadonPete

    O'Colly fires editor for anti-mask editorial Concerning to see that free speech and diversity of opinion is not valued at OSU. The O'Colly has always been much more liberal...
  2. Don'tTreadonPete

    Thursday/Friday night football games

    Has anyone heard any scuttlebutt about any of our football games this fall getting moved to non-Saturdays? It would seem that the opening game against Missouri State would be a prime target.
  3. Don'tTreadonPete

    gamedays in Stillwater 2020

    What's everybody planning on doing in Stillwater on gamedays this year since there's no tailgating on campus? Tailgate off campus? Pre-game on the Strip? Just go straight to the game?
  4. Don'tTreadonPete

    2020 FOOTBALL depth chart (best guess)

    My best guess at what the depth chart will look like this fall. Not many starting positions up for grabs this year, but a few battles note include at backup RB, backup QB, corner opposite Rodarius Williams and kicker. Starters are probably set on d-line, but will be a lot of competition for...
  5. Don'tTreadonPete

    Bedlam game 7pm kickoff

    Gonna be rowdy
  6. Don'tTreadonPete

    1997 season

    I was a toddler in 1988, so the 1997 Alamo Bowl season was the first time I got to experience football success as an OSU fan. A lot of great memories from that year, but also some really haunting what ifs (Mizzou, A&M).