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  1. Italiancowboy

    Big12 vs ACC in week 1

    So don't look now, but in week 1: Big 12 was 9-1 (only loss WVU . . thanks neerland) with wins from all 4 ranked teams (OSU ranked in Coaches). ACC was 6-6 with losses from all 3 of their ranked teams: #3 Clemson, #10 North Carolina, #14 Miami
  2. Italiancowboy

    WVU getting thin at DB

    WVU had another DB enter the portal this week. He is the eighth defensive back — and twentieth athlete — to leave the Mountaineer football program this offseason. The departure leaves Neal Brown with twelve scholarship defensive backs, including the four that signed with the Mountaineers in...
  3. Italiancowboy

    and the free agency begins . . .

    From ESPN: The Longhorns added another linebacker on Sunday when Devin Richardson of New Mexico State announced his transfer to Texas. The 6-3, 233-pound Richardson had 69 tackles as a freshman in 2019 and was named to the Football Writers Association of America Freshman All-American team So...
  4. Italiancowboy

    Cowgirls Golf wins Big 12 !!!

    Should be a thread on this news ! Oklahoma State fired a 54-hole score of 830 to claim its 10th Big 12 Women’s Golf Championship title and 24th conference crown overall. The Cowgirls set three tournament team records over the three rounds, including their final tally to finish at 34-under par...