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  1. GodsPeace

    Remembering 9/11

    Todd: Hello… Operator…listen to me…I can’t speak very loud. – This is an emergency. I’m a passenger on a United flight to San Francisco.. We have a situation here….Our plane has been hijacked…..can you understand me? Lisa: (exhaling a deep breath to herself) I understand… Can the hijackers see...
  2. GodsPeace

    Thunder vs Cade Cunningham today!

    Summer League is here and OKC opens up with the Pistons. That means we can see how the rooks for the Thunder do, but also watch Cade make his NBA debut! Should be fun!
  3. GodsPeace

    Feel good thread.

    Post things that might just help us restore our faith in humanity and see the hope that Rack was telling me about in another thread. I'll start.
  4. GodsPeace

    MMIW are finally being addressed!

    Here's one instance where I would applaud, but honestly this is WAY overdue!
  5. GodsPeace

    City Exodus? What say you?

    This video is based on Rogan, but it goes wider. Do you think there will be a mass exodus from major metro areas?
  6. GodsPeace

    China going WWII level Germany?
  7. GodsPeace

    Biden's New Energy Plan
  8. GodsPeace

    Can the division be rectified?

    Is there an answer to this question that is affirmative? Looking around I see so much division it is hard to imagine a closing of the gap. It is hard to see room for healing. I don't feel the need to hurl accusations. I want to pursue forgiveness and establish a path forward that allows people...
  9. GodsPeace

    Wayfair Scandal

    There might be something to this.
  10. GodsPeace

    Kanye West Confirms 2020 Presidential Run... Buckle up.
  11. GodsPeace

    Trump bring to bring the troops home from Afghanistan...but Discuss.
  12. GodsPeace

    Cops injured in Procession Hope this wasn't intentional.
  13. GodsPeace

    India v China Welp! Why wouldn't WWIII start now? 2020 sucks so hard!
  14. GodsPeace


    I have about 4.5 acres that are covered by significant cedars. My question would be if anyone here is particularly interested in coming and cutting down cedars and taking them away? My chainsaw is currently down and I honestly don't want to go and try to cut down 100 trees solo. I do have...
  15. GodsPeace


    My wife has been trying for years to get her dad to the ocean. We've been down at Port Aransas a couple of times and she's been to Florida some. She loves Destin. I'm just not sure it's safe to go with Covid-19 and current distress in society. I'm praying it calms down. She wants to do it. Her...
  16. GodsPeace

    Media and setting the tone...

    I've just been sent this video by a relative. I don't know what I make of it except it is creepy as hell. In light of these recent events, and pretty much everything else in the last 20yrs, it is interesting at the least. What do you guys make of this...
  17. GodsPeace

    Trade, sell, or upgrade...

    So, I'm considering shifting away from my Springfield Armory XD .40 S&W to a 9mm. I would love to keep it, but for costs, I may need to sell or trade it. I never really dealt with this before so I could use a bit of help. Primarily my stuff is for home defense and target practice. I would...
  18. GodsPeace

    It's not video games, racism, or's family This is from Feb 2018. It's not just dads, but fatherlessness is a huge problem in this country. I grew up in...