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  1. okstate987

    Kennedy Vs Bremerton Ruling

    Another disaster of a ruling by the Supreme Court. Public school faculty can now lead prayer and further indoctrinate children. This is a dangerous precedent that further erodes the separation between church and state. I can't wait until...
  2. okstate987

    Mises Caucus Takes over Libertarian Party

    ‐--‐-----‐----------------------- A four-year battle for control of the Libertarian Party (L.P.) ended Saturday in Reno with a victory for the Mises Caucus at the party's national convention. The faction's chosen candidate for chair of the party's national committee, Angela McArdle, won on the...
  3. okstate987

    Congrats to Kansas!

    Congratulations to Kansas for beating texas in OT. At home. Will Sark get kiffened? I hope not.
  4. okstate987

    The Pegasus Project: Huge data leak shatters the lie that the innocent need not fear surveillance

    Our investigation shows how repressive regimes can buy and use the kind of spying tools Edward Snowden warned us about Paul Lewis Head of investigations @PaulLewis Sun 18 Jul 2021 14.53 EDT Last modified on Mon 19 Jul 2021 04.54 EDT Billions of people are inseparable from their phones. Their...
  5. okstate987

    Nalvany is all in on Bringing Down Putinism

    Five months after Russian intelligence services botched an attempt to kill him, Alexei Navalny audaciously returned to Moscow, in the process announcing himself the uncontested political champion of the Russian political opposition. He had succumbed to a military-grade poison on a flight to...
  6. okstate987

    The Biden Administration Thread

    So it is official, we now have a new administration, so we can now have a new thread. Here are some things I am looking forward to with his administration: 1) Trump is no longer in office. 2) He should be more presidential than his predecessor. 3) His secretary of state appointment will continue...
  7. okstate987

    Trump Interview with Chris Wallace

    I wish that this was satire, but nope, this is a real exchange from the interview: WALLACE: But I've got to tell you, if I may, sir, respectfully, in the Fox poll, they asked people, who is more competent? Who's got -- whose mind is sounder? Biden beats you in that. TRUMP: Well, I'll tell...
  8. okstate987

    The Perils of ‘With Us or Against Us’

    I found this to be an exceptional read: The Perils of ‘With Us or Against Us’ A healthy deliberative process needs to make room for dissent. When I was 21, the United States experienced a national trauma: the planes crashing into the World Trade Center, the nearly 3,000 people killed in that...
  9. okstate987

    Lets Have Some Fun....

    It has been awhile since we have done this, so lets have some fun and see where everyone stands. Here is the quiz: Take a screenshot and post the results. Did you get any suprises? I was a bit suprised that Trump got that big of a match from me. I am skeptical of...
  10. okstate987

    An Oil Spill of Politics has Polluted American Life

    It's Not Just Face Masks. Everything Is Now a Political Death Match. An "oil spill" of politics has polluted American life, leaving little room for common ground. J.D. Tuccille | 7.6.2020 12:30 PM (Daniel González Westend61/Newscom) Somehow, it became a sign of bedrock conservative...
  11. okstate987

    Football 2019 DE Soni Fonua

    New DE Target.