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  1. PokeSaladAnnie

    The Rudolph Saga … What Happens Next?

    Pickett just signed a four-year guaranteed 14 million per year with a 7 million signing bonus with a one-year extension option. The Steeler just signed a defensive player that attacked Mason two- years ago.Turbisky has a two-year contract. Rudolph has a one-year contract. James Washington...
  2. PokeSaladAnnie

    Building Boom in Stillwater and Rare Earth Facility news in Stillwater!

    June 9th Gov Stitt announced a 100 million Rare Earth Facility moving to Stillwater and buying a huge facility on Airport RD and doing a 60 million renovation. This recent news will be exponentially huge for Oklahoma, Payne County, Stillwater, and OSU Geology School. Rare Earth is a company...
  3. PokeSaladAnnie

    TBP renovations?

    I know the turf is being replaced and seating changed in phases. Are they doing some seating changes in the North Side this summer?
  4. PokeSaladAnnie

    BYU, Cincy, Houston, UCF will join B12 07/23

    ESPN just posted this but I was unable to copy it. OU and TX will most likely leave then but no agreement yet.
  5. PokeSaladAnnie

    NCAA Baseball HC openings:

    Many good opening such as Clemson, USC, Baylor, Ohio State, Washington and others. Apparently Walton is a candidate for BU job. Ventura probably would be interested in USC or Washington job.
  6. PokeSaladAnnie

    Tickets for Monday Game

  7. PokeSaladAnnie

    Stillwater Regional - Welcome MSU, GCU, and UA to Stillwater!

    Regional host sites selection announcement – The host sites for the 2022 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship will be announced at 8:30 p.m. EDT on Sunday, May 29 via ESPN bottom lines and NCAA Baseball social media sites. NCAA Division I Baseball Championship selection show – The 64 teams and...
  8. PokeSaladAnnie

    7 Game Winning Streak and 7 still Remaining on Our Schedule!

    For some reason TT game times are TBA. One site has all three games at 1:00 pm and another has 6 PM, 6 PM and 1 PM. May 10 TUE AT Dallas Baptist DALLAS BAPTIST (30-17) RPI: 6 Dallas, TX Horner Ballpark 7:30 PM MAY 13 FRI Texas Tech # 12 TEXAS TECH (32-16) RPI: 47 Big 12 Stillwater, OK...
  9. PokeSaladAnnie

    Let’s Sell Out tonight’s Game VS SEMO!
  10. PokeSaladAnnie

    Updated Regionals Projections today 5/4/22!

    OSU moved up to hosting as a four seed and to be only Big 12 team hosting a regional after we swept Texas:
  11. PokeSaladAnnie

    Regional Predictions 4/27/22

    After losing series to TCU we went from 4 seed to 15 seed: Baseball America PROJECTED FIELD OF 64 Knoxville, Tenn. Dallas 1. (1) Tennessee*^1. (16) Dallas Baptist*^ 2. Liberty*2. Texas A&M 3. Rutgers3. Texas Tech 4. Alabama State*4. Pennsylvania* Corvallis, Ore. Stillwater...
  12. PokeSaladAnnie

    Wichita State Questions related to new teams from AAC in 24-25?

    We have Cincinnati, Houston, UCF, and BYU joining Big 12 either in 24 or 25. Since ISU does not have a baseball program, would the Big 12 have interest in WSU joining as a baseball only program similar to how we have only wrestling programs now in Big 12? WSU already plays Big 12 teams yearly...
  13. PokeSaladAnnie

    O’Brate Attendance: 5576 And 7738 for first two TCU games. Certainly OSU is bringing in big bucks this year especially with the cost of food and beer. We are averaging 5356 per game for 21 home games and we are ranked #11 in overall attendance and second only to...
  14. PokeSaladAnnie

    TCU Bus on 51 early this morning…

    seemed odd to me. They would need to leave Fort Worth around 4 am to get to Stillwater at 7:30 am. Would they get here that early to have a pre game walk through at O’Brate? Maybe they left early to avoid rush hour traffic and players could sleep on bus. 80% Chance of rain on Saturday and 40%...
  15. PokeSaladAnnie

    New field of 64 projections…

    and ORU predicted to be in the Stillwater Bracket: Big 12 sites projections are OSU and TCU. Other teams from Big 12 are WV, TT, Texas, and OU.
  16. PokeSaladAnnie

    WSU Game tonight at 6 pm.

    We won the first game April 5 with 5-3 score in Wichita and tonight’s game will be in O’Brate with third game in several weeks back in Wichita. I guess this was a big time rivalry game when Gene Stephenson was the WSU head coach, grew up in Guthrie, Ok but WSU is different now. Do we still hate...
  17. PokeSaladAnnie

    Jacie Hoyt-New Women’s Basketball Coach!
  18. PokeSaladAnnie

    BYU game moved to Globe Life in Arlington…

    Change of plans - we're headed south! With cold temperatures and snow expected this week in Provo, our series vs. BYU will now be played at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. More info ➡️ ️️ #OurStandard #GoPokes Hopefully we play better at...
  19. PokeSaladAnnie

    NCAA Baseball Rankings - 2/27/22

    1 Texas 8-0 1 2 Ole Miss 6-0 3 3 Arkansas 4-2 2 4 Oklahoma State 4-2 4 5 Vanderbilt 5-2 5 6 Stanford 6-1 6 7 LSU 7-1 8 8 NC State 8-0 9 9 Mississippi State 4-3 7 10 Florida State 5-2 10 11 Arizona 7-1 11 12 Notre Dame 5-1 13 13 Oregon State 7-0 14 14 Florida 6-2 15 15 Georgia 7-0 16 16 TCU 6-1...
  20. PokeSaladAnnie

    Seating impacted but Sunday games will be played!

    No game on Friday. Saturday game starts at 2 pm. Double Header on Sunday with first game at 1 pm and second game following. Could be seven inning games on Sunday or one nine inning game and second game on time limit due to Wright State Flight plans. Weather in 40’s on Saturday and 60’s on...