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    Cowboy Baseball

    If he hits .370 he better had been in centerfield.
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    TBP renovations?

    It"s all about the money. Top dog with a hamburger budget or mid-tier and eat steak every night. Without the dollars we have no chance to hang with the super conferences when the new tv contracts are given out. I'm hoping Dr. Shrum has a plan to get us on an even playing field in the future.
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    Big-12 Year in Sports 2021/2022....

    Texas men and women both finished 2nd in track and field and swimming at the ncaa finals. As much as this forum cracks on Texas in this forum their athletic programs are pretty salty
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    2022-23 Cowgirls Softball Roster

    Well there goes 2 of our potential starters for next year, Hobson and Evans. I don't know why Evans would be upset about being benched , she was terrible in the field down the stretch. Hobson was lined up to play LF. Oh well I'm sure Kenny will fill the voids
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    Arky Batter - Still Funny

    All of those accolades and hes still a jerk
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    Stillwater Regional - Welcome MSU, GCU, and UA to Stillwater!

    If memory serves me the Bad News Bears won the championship. GO POKES
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    Cowboy Baseball

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    OSU Baseball in Big XII Tournament thread

    I think alot of teams that are assured of regionals dont really care about the conference tournaments. It can burn out your pitching staffs and for what? The only prize that really matters begins next week
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    Cowboy Golf

    Next week I believe. The women are in the midst of their tournament and the men follow them at Greyhawk in Scottsdale
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    Cowboy Baseball

    i thought he was with seattle
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    OSU Baseball in Big XII Tournament thread

    This is an easy fix.Put the baseball team back in Allie P and move the softball team to Obrate. That would keep Coach G happy as the softball team is out performing the baseball team every year. This comment is only slightly tongue in cheek
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    Men's Golf Regionals

    Top 5 teams and the low individual not on those teams advance to the championship
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    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: Bedlam edition

    Random thought...I wish slap hitting would be ruled illegal in softball
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    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: Bedlam edition

    I Don't know uo bench but they lose SS Lyons, 1B Snow, P Trautwein, 3B Johns and DH Alo. I'm sure the Gatorade POY in each state are saying , pick me please, and portal players who play the above position will have uo as their top choice. I'm proud of our ladies. They play hard and with great...
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    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: Bedlam edition

    Wait till Barry Switzers NIL program gets rolling and uo starts paying their softball players. They will have an all American at every position. I haven't heard of other schools with NIL opportunities for their softball players. Players all compete for 4 or 5 years in softball. Plenty of money...
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    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: Bedlam edition

    No way I'm throwing Elish in this series. Continue to compete against uo then enter the conference tournament with the goal of winning it. Coach G is correct in saying everything is ahead of us. Day will throw tomorrow and pray for rain on Saturday.
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    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: Bedlam edition

    There is a reason uo has lost only one game, they are great. Pitching and hitting are the best I've seen all year. You could see in the first three innings that the second time thru the order they would break out. Granted our errors helped them but great teams take advantage of their opponents...
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    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: Bedlam edition

    Maybe time to move Petty back to second base
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    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: Bedlam edition

    I watched the 7 INNINGS softball show today on ESPN and every highlight they showed of her was an illegal pitch under college rules. It will depend on the umpiring crew to not fold to the abuse shouted at them from gooner nation. I hoping for the best if we can issue no walks, no errors and dont...