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  1. StillwaterTownie

    Windows 11 Has Been Out

    Windows has been out since Oct. 5. Has anyone tried and think it's better for being less cluttered?
  2. StillwaterTownie

    Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium to Prove Trump Lost By Fraud Online Here

    The highlight so far has been that there is something "Way better than the pcaps. Way better." Watch Our Live News Streaming Broadcasts — (
  3. StillwaterTownie

    Massive Voting Irregularities Alleged In Outcome of Oklahoma SQ802 - Medicaid Expansion

    Oklahoma conservative activist is a poor loser and wants governor and AG to investigate the outcome of SQ802, due to too many absentee YES votes. Massive Voting Irregularities - Call For FBI Criminal Investigation 7/1/2020 SQ802 is under a cloud of criminal suspicion during the overnight...
  4. StillwaterTownie

    Stern Wants Trump to Resign

    Stern wants Trump to resign. And Biden should drop out so we could have a better two people to chose from. ]
  5. StillwaterTownie

    Sagan's Predictions From 1995 Astonishingly True Today

    He probably wouldn't be too surprised with Trump.
  6. StillwaterTownie

    The 2020s are set to be an economic turning point, says global banking giant

    Conservatives sure won't enjoy this article, because too many liberal points were brought up, such as the wealthy will be taxed more to do something about inequality.
  7. StillwaterTownie

    Hillary Predicted to Run Again In 2020 With Progressive Agenda

    She would take advantage of BIden's faltering campaign. But like Biden, she is just another proven loser. At least it suggests there is still time for some other more suitable Democrat to enter the campaign...
  8. StillwaterTownie

    Final Parting Words of Advice to Build Wealth From Boone Pickens

    Boone Pickens says his wealth was built through some key principles, including: A good work ethic is critical. Don’t think competition is bad, but play by the rules. I loved to compete and win. I never wanted the other guy to do badly; I just wanted to do a little better than he did. Learn to...
  9. StillwaterTownie

    A Conservative Explains Trump’s Popularity Despite His Lack of Decorum, Dignity, and Statesmanship
  10. StillwaterTownie

    Michael Moore's New Documentary Tackles False Promises of Green Energy

    Michael Moore speaks truth to corporate and political power like never before. The film, which does not yet have distribution, is a low-budget but piercing...
  11. StillwaterTownie

    Dayton, OH Mass Shooting Leaves 9 Dead 16 Injured Outside Bar

    Shooter dead:
  12. StillwaterTownie

    Why Seniors Should Be The Strongest Supporters Of Medicare For All

    Heck, old people on Medicare are certainly among those most vehemently opposed to Medicare For All...
  13. StillwaterTownie

    CNBC Judges Oklahoma 43rd Best State For Business

    Gov. Stitt has a lot of catching up to do in his quest to make Oklahoma a top ten state. Once again, it's about lacking in education and quality of life. Being in the Top Ten for low cost of living isn't enough. Cheap is cheap. But then conservatives may say it's all relative. If Fox...
  14. StillwaterTownie

    2019 Oklahoma Republican Platform Released!

    If you're a Christian Right extremist, then this document is quite a great piece of work for you. For starters, they believe the military should return to the "ask don't tell policy." However, the most surprising thing about the platform is that no mention was made about being opposed to...
  15. StillwaterTownie

    Woman turns self in to police in connection with hateful graffiti found in OKC, Norman

    She is a registered Republican, just in case there were conservatives, who thought it surely had to be Democrats doing it to themselves...
  16. StillwaterTownie

    America’s First ‘Nonbinary’ Person Was All a Sham

    One of the most remarkable things of this amazingly unique story is that somehow his wife managed to stay by his side, so today he is still married...
  17. StillwaterTownie

    CPAC Crowd Duped Into Waving Russian Flags During Trump Speech

    LOL, more of a true flag operation than a false flag one:
  18. StillwaterTownie

    Man Who Refuses to Pay Taxes Until Planned Parenthood Is Defunded Wins Huge Court Victory

    So much for this idea, if you don't pay your federal income taxes, you go to jail. Conservatives surely also wonder why they should pay taxes to provide government welfare since they strongly feel that so many people, who take advantage of it, are deadbeats and drug addicts...
  19. StillwaterTownie

    After the Disgraced Cohen, Limbaugh Still Stands Firmly Behind Trump

    What a shame upon the country to have to choose between the lesser of two evils in 2016. In 2019, people like Rush still back Trump, since they think Hillary would have destroyed this country. Sorry, but it still remains to be seen what is going to become of Trump with this country. Many...
  20. StillwaterTownie

    Transgender Sprinters Win Girls Indoor Track Championships

    No doubt one of the biggest reasons why Republicans are so bitterly opposed to transgender rights.