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  1. HokiePokie

    Football 2023 General Recruiting Thread

    Looks like we got our first commit for 2023:
  2. HokiePokie

    2021 Preseason All Big 12 Football Team

    Sills - 1st team OT KHP - 1st team DB
  3. HokiePokie

    Football 2022 General Recruiting thread
  4. HokiePokie

    2021 LB Kolbe Fields Committed
  5. HokiePokie

    2022 CB Dekelvion Beamon Committed
  6. HokiePokie

    2020 ATH Rashod Owens Committed

    Committed to OSU tonight.
  7. HokiePokie

    2020 Juco DE Tyren Irby Committed to OSU

    Committed to us today.
  8. HokiePokie

    Blake Barron entering transfer portal

    Multiple sources are reporting Barron will enter the transfer portal. Best of luck to him.
  9. HokiePokie

    The Real Fall Camp 2019 Thread

    Creating a new Fall Camp thread specifically for updates about how practice is going. The original thread got a bit derailed. Please try to keep this to news/updates that only apply to Fall Camp.
  10. HokiePokie

    Preseason All Big 12

    Preseason All Big 12 was released today. Pokes get 3 on the list with Hubbard, Wallace and Green.
  11. HokiePokie

    Football 2020 DE Jalen Logan-Redding

    We have made his top 4 with Mizzou, Kansas and Texas.
  12. HokiePokie

    2020 LB Edgerrin Cooper

    Set to announce today at noon. Has us in top 4 with OU, Miss St and Louisville.
  13. HokiePokie

    New Commit? Any idea who he may be referring to?
  14. HokiePokie

    2020 LB Jeremiah Harris

    Just named us in his top 5 along with Mizzou, K State, Arkansas and FIU.
  15. HokiePokie

    Football 2020 QB Shane Illingworth Committed to OSU

    Big time get!
  16. HokiePokie

    Pro Day

    Pro Day is today. Just wanted to start a thread so we can keep tabs on the action. Looks like Mark Cooper is sending out some tweets.
  17. HokiePokie

    Wudtee enters name in transfer portal

    Looks like PFB is reporting that Wudtee has entered his name into the transfer portal. Should be interesting to see what teams give him a ring.
  18. HokiePokie

    Tyron Johnson declares for Draft Will forgo his Senior season and enter the draft.
  19. HokiePokie

    Football 2020 WR DJ Graham
  20. HokiePokie

    Football 2020 WR Marvin Mims Jr.