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  1. PF5

    How’s everyone feeling about Baylor.

    I was feeling really good about this team and it's chances to win the Big 12 until I started reading some of these I'm depressed...we are doomed...
  2. PF5

    OU coach gone: official

    my uo fans and many others on social media just cannot comprehend how anyone would willingly leave uo...and now it seems they are frustrated that a new HC has not been named yet.... why isn't there a line of coaches knocking down the door to be at uo?
  3. PF5

    How’s everyone feeling about Baylor.

    I don't know you nor your athletic prowess, but I can't imagine you being chased around by our D on good hammy!
  4. PF5

    How’s everyone feeling about Baylor.

    no kidding, right?!...I was thinking during the game how so freakin' elusive CW was and how he escaped so many times...we were all in him throughout the game!
  5. PF5

    Championship Game Tickets?

    frugal guy here...are the 400 seats even worth spending $$ on?? or would I just be watching the big screen?
  6. PF5

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    I'm sure this has been covered, but don't feel like going back through messages, we know when the "new Big 12" starts? when do the incoming schools join and when do the departing teams go? I've heard 'official' timelines, but wonder if and when it "could" happen...
  7. PF5

    Week 13 - Games of Interest

    I've said all along to my Pokes friends and gooner acquaintances that if either one wins out, they should be in CFP...still believe that!
  8. PF5

    Week 13 - Games of Interest

    I swear this is lining up like you want it...beat uo (in a year we are much better than them And we now have a bunch of Baptists praying for our victory - ha), beat a so-so Baylor team in Big12 championship, and find our way into the college football playoffs...
  9. PF5

    On this Day ..............

  10. PF5

    Majorie Taylor Greene Thread

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced a bill to award a Congressional Gold Medal to Kyle Rittenhouse Business Insider
  11. PF5


    The America I give thanks for (as I depart) BBC please take 5 minutes (10 if you read slowly like I do) to read this opinion article from Jon Sopel (resident of the UK, lived in US the last eight). Interesting and pretty accurate take on life in the US from an outsider.
  12. PF5


    I think the exact same...every time I'm thinking, 'surely we can do without 7 solid minutes (slight exaggeration) of this stuff'...
  13. PF5

    Ahmaud Arbery

    it was important to get a conviction...without it, they probably walk...but to answer your question, video evidence was important and key in both cases...
  14. PF5

    Rittenhouse Trial

    thanks for your are what you say...
  15. PF5

    Ahmaud Arbery

    thank God there was video evidence!
  16. PF5

    Rittenhouse Trial

    hater of what exactly? and what is my kind?
  17. PF5

    Bedlam Week

  18. PF5

    Rittenhouse Trial

    thanks for the unsolicited advice, but at this time I will not heed your suggestion...
  19. PF5

    Rittenhouse Trial

    the two political parties basically switched platforms a century that...
  20. PF5

    Ahmaud Arbery

    The Ahmaud Arbery case will go to the jury after prosecutors get the last word