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  1. LandscapePoke

    Bigfoot sighting??

  2. LandscapePoke

    GIA Reconfigured seating
  3. LandscapePoke

    Lincoln Riley’s attempt at a brisket...

    Hes getting roasted on Twitter. The comments are hilarious ...
  4. LandscapePoke

    Chris Beard to. Texass

    Would be great to see Sean Sutton get another chance at head coach.
  5. LandscapePoke

    Lon Kruger retiring

  6. LandscapePoke

    Thermal hunting Scopes

    Anyone have a thermal rifle scope they can recommend. Looking for the newest generation possible thats under $2k. Need to take care of a bunch of bacon running around and ruining my property. Do you know if they rent thermal scopes anywhere?
  7. LandscapePoke

    Which loss was more satisfying

    UO losing at Iowa State or Texas losing on a goal line play. For a change Im saying Texas
  8. LandscapePoke

    August Madness get your picks in..

    Pick the school to be the last to go virtual.
  9. LandscapePoke

    OU ties with the Chinese govt

    Band plays boomer sooner...
  10. LandscapePoke

    Now the question is how many fans get in

    Now that we have a football season, will they allow ... A) 100% B) 50% C) 30% D) 25 % of the fans in? And how are they going to decide who gets what games if they go with restricted numbers? Posse Points? I think Students should get 100% of games and as manyin the stadium as possible. They...
  11. LandscapePoke

    Hog hunting/trapping thread..

    Got my trap up and running again. Small camera issue and access to trap issue fixed. This bad boy was 4ft long 2.5ft tall and 2-250 lbs. He took 10 shots with a 45 to take down. His nose was hitting the top rail on the trap which is 7ft high.
  12. LandscapePoke

    20 yr Anniversary Ideas

    Need ideas for my wife and I's 20 yr anniversary coming up in August. Originally we were going to Grand Cayman, but now we'll be lucky to get out of Oklahoma. Need help with places to eat, go and stay for a night or two. Lake cabins, boat rentals, etc.. Thanks. Go Pokes.
  13. LandscapePoke

    Need someone to pull a travel trailer

    Delete Thread please. Task completed.
  14. LandscapePoke

    Viirus related music parodies

    Theres been some pretty cool and funny rewrites of famous songs about what we've all been going through these days. Here's a pretty good one I heard today. Coronavirus Rhapsody (queen)
  15. LandscapePoke

    Think you can shoot a basketball...

    This Thursday at noon. Sneaky way to look for some better shooters....
  16. LandscapePoke

    Monken to Georgia
  17. LandscapePoke

    2019 Deer Season

    Show us your pics. How did everyone do this year.
  18. LandscapePoke

    KU Game time.

    Has it been announced yet?
  19. LandscapePoke

    If you need any other reason to hate OU..