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  1. crimsonhater

    OSUMBB Bryce Wiliams Returning!!

    Great news! I think he can become a Tony Allen-like defensive threat. I think our culture is really good for him and possibly having a chance to play some pro ball somewhere
  2. crimsonhater

    What OSU Basketball means to you... share the positive memories you have and what the program means to you. We are all part of that million fan orange tidal wave every game day!!
  3. crimsonhater

    MBB: Texas Tech vs OSU Sat at Noon

    BIG BIG BIG TIME GAME SATURDAY!! Cade will be in town with his trainer and we will be celebrating the 25 yr anniversary of the 1995 Final Four team! Coach Sutton doesn’t have too many reunions left as he has lived a long inspirational and successful life. Take the time to sell out GIA. The team...
  4. crimsonhater

    2019 Football Seniors Does someone want to look up what happened to the class(es) and the players that would be involved in them and why we only have 12 and half transferred in? 12 Seniors seems really...
  5. crimsonhater

    Rudolph & ZRob QB Article...Great Alumni Read
  6. crimsonhater


    Receiving Individual Receiving Statistics# Player GP NO YDS AVG TD Long AVG/G 2Wallace, Tylan 5 28 618 22.07690123.60 17Stoner, Dillon 5 19 148 7.7902329.60 8Johnson, Braydon 5 3 126 42.0016925.20 1Wolf, Landon 5 12 81 6.7502316.20 12McCray, Jordan 5 7 77 11.0001415.40 35Moore, C.J. 4 3 75...
  7. crimsonhater

    TTech QB Bowman “Out Several Weeks” Man, if we can get a HUGE win in Austin, play with revenge vs KState, then play TX tech without their QB1, it could be a solid run for the...
  8. crimsonhater


  9. crimsonhater

    Grayson Boomer Torn ACL

    Just on the news. Hoping for a speedy and healthy recovery for the young man!
  10. crimsonhater


    Posted on his twitter and in KC gear!!!! Awesomeness!!
  11. crimsonhater

    Interesting thought...Spencer Sanders

    I was listening to the Sports Animal and Big O and Coach Jones were talking about if Spencer is not the starter by midseason, they would expect him to enter transfer portal. I think we all agree that this kind of dialogue is not positive for a 2nd tier school like OSU but it is reality. They...