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  1. LS1 Z28

    2022 schedule hint, we play Baylor AGAIN

    It's too bad we got OU late in the year. I would've preferred to get them early in the year while they were still adjusting to a new coaching staff. Central Michigan will be a good opener. They have an explosive offense with a running back that's run for 1700 yards this year. Hopefully Coach...
  2. LS1 Z28

    Such a great Monday!

    OU's football program is kind of like a bad car accident right now. You don't want to, but you just can't help but look.
  3. LS1 Z28

    Verification Email Failures

    @CasperPoke11 @snuffy @Andrew_Davis liked several of my posts in this thread. Could you check out his account and see if he got locked out too? BTW, I appreciate all the work you do to keep us up and running.
  4. LS1 Z28

    OU coach gone: official

    I consider Lincoln Riley to be a top 5 collegiate coach. This is a big loss for a OU and a great hire for USC. The probability of OU hiring someone as good or better isn't very high. The only possible replacement that scares me is Urban Meyer. He doesn't stick around at a program forever, but...
  5. LS1 Z28

    Fantasy College Football

    Congrats to @Pokengineer for winning the championship. :thumbup: Thanks to @cowboyinexile for running the league. I had fun. Let me know if you decide to do it again next year.
  6. LS1 Z28

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

    Random thoughts after the game: 1. The reason this game was so close was because we made so many mistakes. We extended a drive for a touchdown, muffed a punt for a touchdown, fumbled near the goal line for a safety, and missed a field goal. We would've won by 20+ points without these mistakes...
  7. LS1 Z28

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

    I can't believe we won a Bedlam game against a top 10 Sooner team after making that many mistakes! Our defense was awesome in the second half. Coach Knowles made some masterful adjustments at halftime. This was a truly special win! Let's bring home the conference championship next week! GO...
  8. LS1 Z28

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

    Our defense hasn't played well. Caleb Williams has made some perfect passes. We roughed the kicker to extend a drive for a touchdown. Despite all that, we're still tied at half. We have a good chance to win this game if we make some decent adjustments at halftime. GO POKES!!!
  9. LS1 Z28

    Tom Hutton: The Truthsayer

    I have two thoughts on this: First, it was funny. It was a classless move for Tech fans to throw trash on the field to slow down our momentum. I don't mind our players getting upset over what happened. Second, every student athlete we have is an ambassador for the university. The things they...
  10. LS1 Z28

    Rittenhouse Trial

    Here's my take on it: It was created as a joke to troll liberals. It was designed to illustrate the absurd levels they'll go to to be offended. If you see an actual racist doing it, it's still probably just a joke. (Racists like trolling liberals too.) If someone actually believes it's a symbol...
  11. LS1 Z28

    Rittenhouse Trial

    That's fair. We're all just trying to call things like we see them. Be careful not to believe everything you hear though. The "OK" sign controversy is nothing more than a hoax. 4chan decided back in 2017 that they were going to try to prank the media by fooling them into thinking that it was a...
  12. LS1 Z28

    Rittenhouse Trial

    Interesting things I've learned from the internet: 1. The Proud Boys are a far right group that has attracted some unsavory characters, but it isn't a white supremacist group. They accept members from all races. 2. There are a ton of trolls that use the "OK" sign just to trigger liberals. 3...
  13. LS1 Z28

    Wisconsin Christmas Parade.. some type of attack??

    This is the tough thing about criminal justice reform. I don't want our country to have the highest incarceration rate in the world, but I also don't want career criminals walking the streets. That's a tough balance to find.
  14. LS1 Z28

    Rittenhouse Trial

    That's true. An individual's personal views don't limit their right to self defense. It does however blow a hole in the narrative that he was a white supremacist roaming the streets for protesters to shoot.
  15. LS1 Z28

    Things we wanted to happen today...

    Ohio State's offense is really hitting their stride. It would be fun to see our lock down defense play against their high powered offense. Georgia is going to be a tough team to beat though.
  16. LS1 Z28

    Rittenhouse Trial

    I haven't seen this interview, but I found it interesting to hear that he supports the BLM movement and wants to see change.
  17. LS1 Z28

    2021 Survival Pool Week 12

    Congrats to Dorango81 and Pokengineer for having great seasons as well. It's tough to lose on a tiebreaker. Thanks to everyone for playing. I look forward to next year! :thumbup:
  18. LS1 Z28

    2021 Survival Pool Week 12

    Congratulations on winning the Championship! You had a great year, and your total score was only off by 1 point!
  19. LS1 Z28

    Tim Tebow tv ad

    Tebow has been playing minor league baseball for a few years, and they're joking about his inability to hit a curveball. It's actually a pretty clever commercial.
  20. LS1 Z28

    Rittenhouse Trial

    Good information. I realized after posting that he was probably referring to the decision to file charges as opposed to how they're trying the case, that's why I deleted my comment.