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  1. cowboyinexile

    OU coach gone: official

  2. cowboyinexile

    Bedlam 2021

  3. cowboyinexile

    CFB Playoff #5 CFP, #5 Coaches, #5 AP

  4. cowboyinexile


    Omicron variant?
  5. cowboyinexile

    Tom Hutton: The Truthsayer

    To be fair if I went to college in that place it would be because I wasn't that smart and that would make me confused and angry as well.
  6. cowboyinexile

    Rittenhouse Trial

    That sucks for him and I'm glad he has the self awareness to realize how wrong that was and call people out for it. Regardless of how you feel about the situation he is a human being and it's awful that his attorneys manipulated the situation for political/monetary purposes.
  7. cowboyinexile

    Wisconsin Christmas Parade.. some type of attack??

    I'd say how I really think about this but I don’t want to get banned for language right before Bedlam. I don't care about your political leaning, this is something that should never be thought, much less said out loud. This was a horrific tragedy and something that doesn't need to be used for...
  8. cowboyinexile

    Rittenhouse Trial

    If some people are doing it to be racist and many are doing it just to troll the libs, then isn't it a little off putting that there are a fair amount of people willing to do something that may be taken as racist just to be jerks? IMO that says more about them than the people they are trying to...
  9. cowboyinexile

    Tom Hutton: The Truthsayer

    How bad does it suck to get dunked on by an opposing teams punter? And they can't do jack about it because all the bulletin board material won't help them against us next year.
  10. cowboyinexile

    Pence vows to support GOP govs who are facing Trump backed candidates

    That's idealistic but unlikely. 2022 is a complete question mark. Normally the off year benefits the party who doesn't have the president and off the cuff it's looking like a republican rout. But the census showed a big urban movement so gerrymandering is about how red states can preserve...
  11. cowboyinexile

    Wisconsin Christmas Parade.. some type of attack??

    Oh my goodness. This is awful.
  12. cowboyinexile

    Your Mom Goes to College (game day sign)

    That would be some bs.
  13. cowboyinexile

    Things we wanted to happen today...

    Wait. We wanted the squats to win?
  14. cowboyinexile

    CPAC cancels Sesame Street

    Elmo got banned from Twitter for transphobic tweets. He was a keynote speaker before Big Bird shared his vaccination status.
  15. cowboyinexile

    Harris becomes first female POTUS

    This happens all the time. Fuzzy memories but I think technically Dick Cheney had presidential power at one point. Also Trump didn't follow precedent here (shocker I know) so Pence never had the opportunity.
  16. cowboyinexile

    TT Announcers Reprimanded & Barred from OSU Game

    That poor kid is my age and has had that meme hanging over his head for 20 years. I lol but man that has got to suck
  17. cowboyinexile

    Ahmaud Arbery

  18. cowboyinexile

    Ahmaud Arbery

    What exactly did he do to divide us? I don't know much about him other than he walked with MLK when he was younger than me and for some reason a black preacher is a lightning rod for racist commentary. No offense (well actually a lot of offense) but I think a bunch of you people would be happy...
  19. cowboyinexile

    Ahmaud Arbery

    Not the best look for the defense here.