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    Cowgirl Basketball 2021-2022 Season

    The Cowgirls tip off the new season tonight in GIA. The exhibition matchup with Southern Nazarene starts at 6:30.
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    Cowgirl Basketball 2020-21 Season

    Alabama defeated the Cowgirls 76-72 in Gallagher-Iba today. The Tide went 12-28 from three.
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    Cowgirls at Kansas

    OSU: 15-12 and 6-9 KU: 14-12 and 3-12 (last place) On ESPN+ Cowgirls are trailing 17-5 with 4:38 remaining in the 1st quarter.
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    Cowgirls vs. Texas Tech

    The Cowgirls face Texas Tech tonight at 7:00 in Stillwater. OSU got stomped 109-79 in Lubbock on 2/1. The Cowgirls are currently 14-12 and 5-9. Jim Littell’s Big 12 record is currently 75-83 in his ninth season.
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    Cowgirls at TCU

    The Cowgirls went on the road to face TCU this afternoon. Final TCU: 49 OSU: 37 The Cowgirls fall to 14-12 and 5-9. Jim Littell’s Big 12 record is now 75-83 in his ninth season.
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    Cowgirls vs. #2 Baylor

    OSU: 14-0 and 5-7 Baylor: 22-1 and 11-0 The Cowgirls are trailing 11-7 with 4:00 to go in the 1st quarter.
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    Cowgirls vs. West Virginia

    The Cowgirls host West Virginia at 2:00 on ESPN+. OSU: 12-10 and 3-7 WVU: 14-6 and 4-5 Jim Littell always says his goal is to get 20 wins and go 9-9 in conference to reach the NCAA tournament. There are 8 games remaining in Big 12 play. The Cowgirls need 8 more wins to reach the magic number...
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    Cowgirls at Iowa State

    Cowgirls trail 32-20 with 4:35 remaining in the 2nd quarter.
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    Cowgirls at Texas Tech

    Tech has set a new program record with 16 threes. Cowgirls trail 85-52 with 2:07 remaining in the 3rd quarter.
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    Cowgirls vs. TCU

    Final TCU: 72 OSU: 68 The Cowgirls dropped another close one at home. They fall to 12-8 overall and 3-5 in the Big 12. Jim Littell’s Big 12 record is now 73-79 in his ninth season.
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    Cowgirls at Kansas State

    OSU leads 16-12 with 2:00 left in the first quarter.
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    Cowgirls at #6 Baylor (1:00 on ESPNU)

    Today we will see how OSU follows up the Bedlam disaster. On Thursday the Lady Bears defeated #1 UConn 74-58. The loss ended UConn’s 98 game home winning streak. Oklahoma State at #6 Baylor at 1:00 on ESPNU.
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    Cowgirl Basketball: Jaden Hobbs is transferring

    According to the same source who first reported the Braxtin Miller transfer, Jaden Hobbs has entered her name into the transfer portal. If Hobbs goes, that would leave OSU with one guard who got meaningful minutes last year (Ja'Mee Asberry). OSU currently has three 6'3" forwards signed for the...
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    Cowgirl Basketball: Braxtin Miller is transferring

    The Cowgirls second leading scorer, sophomore Braxtin Miller (14.6 ppg), has put her name in the transfer portal. She has already been removed from the roster. She had a bit of a sophomore slump, but she was a really good player. It's disappointing to lose her. But if she wants to compete for...