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  1. OranGE-KK Preview: Baylor vs. Oklahoma State [Big XII Championship Game]

    I’d like to offer Baylor a deal. They get-10 free points We get-to skip the 3rd quarter altogether
  2. OranGE-KK

    Stadium Renovations

    Add a small section of upper-deck seating above the WEZ… for the OU band
  3. OranGE-KK

    OU coach gone: official

    “@BleacherRepor” isn’t legitimate??? :lol:
  4. OranGE-KK

    This Tweet was from a Dan Davis Lawyer Last Night. SMH

    Nailed it right here. It takes someone awfully childish to lash out like this because his team lost. Whatever happens from here, dummy earned it.
  5. OranGE-KK

    Bedlam 2021

    Nevermind, y’all go ahead & do your thing anyway.
  6. OranGE-KK

    Bedlam 2021

    Refs sucked both ways. Don’t ruin an instant classic rivalry game by whining about refs. That was an anxiety inducing rollercoaster.
  7. OranGE-KK

    "Looting "is no longer allowed in California

    Had to double-take on that one...
  8. OranGE-KK

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

    Burn em like a Lincoln Riley brisket
  9. OranGE-KK Preview: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

    This year is different. I believe in the D. They ain't ready
  10. OranGE-KK

    Covid-19 not exactly
  11. OranGE-KK

    Bedlam Week

    I’m sad the cut the Brown/Lewis pick clip right before Broyles gets uncoupled. My favorite part!
  12. OranGE-KK

    Big 12 Week 12

    A&M’s starting QB was out too. S#!t happens
  13. OranGE-KK

    Tom Hutton: The Truthsayer

    If you don’t want the opposition to think your town/school is a “s#!t#*£e”, don’t throw s#!t on your own field. I think the not-so-fine folks in the stadium most likely earned it Saturday night.
  14. OranGE-KK

    Things we wanted to happen today...

    ND is just like Baylor/TCU the year they both got leapfrogged. Looks great now, but everybody else will be playing meaningful games the first Saturday in December. Notre Dame will just be printing out their mediocre resume.
  15. OranGE-KK

    Things we wanted to happen today...

    Stop saying we “sneak in” if we win out. As a 1 loss Big XII champ as thing sit, we aren’t “sneaking in” anything. We’d knock down the damn door showing everybody the long finger. In without question. Doesn’t mean squat without taking care of our business the next few weeks; here’s to hoping we...
  16. OranGE-KK

    Things we wanted to happen today...

    They almost lost to FSU & Toledo. VT & USC fired their coaches. They played Wisconsin before they got themselves figured out, & UNC after they fell apart. Not willing to give ND much credit.* *I watched that early game vs FSU; that was some ugly football. FSU almost won, and their QB play was...
  17. OranGE-KK

    Wisconsin Christmas Parade.. some type of attack??

    Well this hits close to home
  18. OranGE-KK

    Things we wanted to happen today...

    Yup, I’m old
  19. OranGE-KK

    Things we wanted to happen today...

    I heard them say that. I still think they’re wrong. edit-or I’m getting old…