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    Cowboy Defensive Rankings

    They are bragging about this?
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    all things stitt

    I haven't seen the Julius Jones thing mentioned and it's come down to Stitt's decision at this point. I didn't follow the original story of the crime / arrest / conviction but am curious why so many people feel that he is innocent and should walk free. Is there something to that, or is this the...
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    Rittenhouse Trial

    A neighbors package was delivered to my house. I guess I was trespassing when I put it on her porch yesterday.
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    Seems like they should also force individuals that receive any federal funds to vax also. Essentially the entire country receives federal benefits in one way or the other. Child tax credits, stimulus checks, food stamps--why only mandate for working people? I am not anti-vax--I had my booster a...
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    This is blackmail.
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    The Biden Administration Thread

    To see a simple illustration of how this impacts real life people, imagine what would happen if they applied this to your home. If they are taxing the asset (like some proposals), your $300,000 house gets hit with a $9000 income tax bill every year (at 3%). If they are "only" taxing unrealized...
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    According to the dashboard, 20% of all hospitalizations are now in vaccinated people. About 3% or so are partially vaccinated and the other are fully vaccinated.
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    EPIC may lose their contract with the State

    Hello, mandatory vaccines for students and staff!
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    Broken Arrow accused of constitutional violation

    I'm curious what the parents thought about this. If I'm a parent, even one that is thrilled that my child decided to commit his life to Christ, but they were baptized without me even being a witness, I'd be pissed.
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    Student Section Chant

    They were chanting that at Boise State too.
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    Is the Monkey still clapping?

    Or we're not bowing down to whiny opponents that are leaving the conference any more.
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    Oklahoma to get 3rd highest number of afghan refugees

    FRC is a great resource and has many needs. If you know of anyone looking for a good place to donate time and material objects, please check them out. They have a lending closet for kitchen items for residents, always need cold weather clothing for the children and residents, need baby items...
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    Driving from Dallas

    And there are significant construction delays on I-35 south of OKC. Keep your GPS app running.
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    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    Presidents vote on Big 12 conference expansion. As many of you have read in recent headlines, I joined my fellow presidents from Big 12 universities this morning to accept membership applications from four respected universities with impressive athletic traditions into the Big 12 athletic...
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    Social Security woes

    My prediction--they will means test SS. You already pay more in Medicare premiums if your income is above a certain amount. They will start reducing the SS payments based on income. Tax the rich and all.
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    Buddy Holly Story tickets at McKnight for sale

    I have two tickets for Saturday, September 18th, 7:30 for sale. Front orchestra, Row G, seat 8 and 9 with a parking pass to the garage. $100 for all.
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    State law does not allow making vaccines required or masks mandatory for any State agency. Masks are "expected" on campus right now, but not required.
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    Boise state/Game a thread combined

    Did you get them through the OSU ticket office?
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    2021 Tailgating

    Have there been any announcements about tailgating restrictions for this fall?
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    I wonder how much the isolation from her support system while she has been in Tokyo could have affected her? I don't know if her parents / grandparents typically travel with her, but them being there may have helped.