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  1. CocoCincinnati

    Super Tuesday

    Some thoughts. Pretty much a two man race now, Bernie and Biden. Not that surprising, those were the two we thought at the start. Warren couldn't win her home state, she's done. I think she is so much smarter than Bernie or Biden.....glad she won't be sharing a debate stage with Trump in the...
  2. CocoCincinnati

    Wealth Gap

    I wanted to comment on the pic posted by @steross but didn't want to clutter up the picture thread. So here it is with comments to follow. The problem with this is that the middle graph can only be accomplished by massive centralized control and planning...and the problem with that is every...
  3. CocoCincinnati


    I wasn't expecting much from this but heard so many good things that I had to check it out. It's actually a very good movie. By far the best of the DCEU so far, well by far better than anything other than Wonder Woman which was also very good. Jason Momoa does an outstanding job in the lead...
  4. CocoCincinnati

    Social Media

    Ran across this video (see below) and thought it was interesting. I personally deleted my facebook profile earlier this year....not so much because of the liberal leaning of the company (although that didn't help) but mainly because I got sick of the constant notifications. It was like a cross...
  5. CocoCincinnati

    UN Migration Pact

    I haven't seen this discussed here but maybe I've missed it as it has been around for a while but only recently are people starting to so strongly oppose it. I have to say I haven't followed it that closely since we (the US) won't be signing it, but that might change in the future depending on...
  6. CocoCincinnati

    Chasing Points

    When did it become hip to chase points so early in games? I've seen it all year long. Watching OhState and Mich and at the end of the half, UM gets to within 21-19 and decided to try and tie it up....I was asking why in the world would you want to chase points so early in the game, especially...