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  1. OSUcat

    Texas fans are more into recruiting than winning.

    Been checking some Texas football boards and blogs. They go crazy about recruiting. Well, I guess if you can’t win games, winning recruiting is what you are proud of.
  2. OSUcat

    I am now a Spencer Sanders fan

    Like it or hate it, Sanders is our horse. This isn't changing barring injury. So we had better start cheering him on because as Sanders goes, so goes OSU this year. He has the tools, he just has to get better at using them. To be fair, we have been stuck with qb's who didn't have even...
  3. OSUcat

    How Gundy became a starter

    Gundy became a starter his freshman season because the physically gifted veteran qb Ronnie Williams had too many turnovers for Pat Jones liking. So Pat Jones yanked the turnover prone Williams and started the youngster. Spencer Sanders is a turnover machine. A physically talented player who...
  4. OSUcat

    Do I detect some friction between Gundy and Dunn?

    OC Dunn said "Shoot, I'll take the blame for it." Talking about our offensive woes. RA reported at halftime that Gundy wanted to establish the run game. Seems likely that Gundy called the plays the second half, stubbornly running the ball up the middle. It came close to costing us the game...
  5. OSUcat

    Is Chuba now the Heisman frontrunner?

    Did Chuba’s move make him the Heisman favorite? Interesting to consider. I did not like it, and it may or may not have been thought about, but Chuba may have positioned himself for a Heisman.
  6. OSUcat

    Impact of Rattay

    Tim Rattay is in charge of the biggest variable of the 2020 football Pokes. How QB Sanders plays is the key to our season. We have the ingredients for a very good team. To be great, Sanders has to improve and be very good. So the number one storyline from now until conference games will be...
  7. OSUcat

    Eddie film

    Was told the Eddie film is very, very good and quite emotional. Beyond expectations.
  8. OSUcat

    Butler vs OSU

    Since our last Sweet 16, we have won one NCAA Tourney game. Butler, with about 5,000 students, has won 18 tourney games, been to 4 Sweet 16’s, and 2 Final Fours. Ranked in the top 10 this year, they are good odds to make it 20 tourney wins. Coaching makes a huge difference. Our AD is a...